UMF Senior Stephen Penney. (Courtesy of Matthew Daigle)

By Matthew Daigle

University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) students who took winter term course found them to be more personal than the course offered in the fall and spring semesters.

“Taking a winter term course is a lot different than taking one during a regular semester,” said sophomore Chris Bond, “It’s much more intimate. You can see your classmates and professor for a few hours every day and develop a stronger connection to them.”

Bond took the course CHY 110 (Elementary Chemistry) last month and claims that while it may seem daunting to cram a few months’ worth of classes into three weeks, it’s still worth taking. “I feel like the winter term classes are probably easier than their regular counterparts due to the fact that you’re constantly revisiting the material in a short period,” Bond said.

For Bond, a winter term class means doing something productive with his vacation. “I actually live in an apartment just a minute or two away from campus, which made the decision between ‘Sit around and do nothing all break’ or ‘Get closer to graduation’ an easy one.”

As for senior Stephen Penney, he has a similar view of winter term classes. “I feel that too much time is wasted during the winter months,” Penney said. “At least with a winter term class, I accomplished something.”

Penney’s winter term class was an independent study, which means creating a class that is done outside of the classroom for credit, called Men’s Health.

Both Bond and Penney stayed on campus over the winter term. Both were able to find ways to keep busy, even with most students gone on vacation. “I would usually hang out with friends or just watch movies or whatever,” Bond said.

“I worked for most of the day, and after my class was done, I watched movies and played video games,” said Penney.

Penney has a suggestion for people who may consider staying on campus for a winter term class in the future. “Make sure you have something to occupy your time,” said Penney.

Due to the lack of people on campus, Penney says it could be easy to lapse into boredom. “The only thing I didn’t like was having to make meals for myself,” Penney added.

Bond plans on taking another winter term class if the opportunity arises and Penney said that “I’m graduating, so I don’t need to take another one, but if I wasn’t? I’d most definitely do it.”