By Natalia Asis, Staff Reporter

Marcelle Hutchins

Marcelle Hutchins (Photo by Marcelle Hutchins)

Marcelle Hutchins, who graduated from UMF last spring, is now an intern at the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN) radio station and will be starting graduate school next fall.
At UMF; Hutchins concentrated mostly in Journalism and Broadcasting. “I chose to move away from Fiction writing because Journalism appealed to me,” said Hutchins. “I enjoyed going to the streets and finding stories to report back to a large audience.”
At the moment, Hutchins works in the broadcasting “Maine Calling.” “It is a live call-in radio show that airs on MPBN radio,” said Hutchins. “Besides finding interviewers for the show, I help develop ideas for future shows. As of now I’m working on two shows: Organic vs. Non-Organic, and A Day with a Resident.”
Hutchins next educational venture will begin in Boston at Emerson college.  “It is a small campus nestled in the heart of Boston,” said Hutchins. “It’s at the center of where great deals of stories can be found. The grad program offers both classroom and field experiences including internships with the Boston Globe, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, The Boston Phoenix, and much more.
“I am not surprised that she got accepted to the program [Emerson], as well as Columbia’s, because Marcelle has always showed such great ambition in everything she sets out to do. I know she is headed for big things, and that we will be seeing her name places,” said Max Eyes, a senior at UMF and Hutchins’ friend.
As a student at UMF, Hutchins was actively involved in the Farmington Flyer. “When Marcelle was editor in chief she was always ahead of the game. She knew what was what and always had a good head on her shoulders,” said Kerri-lyn Hernandez, the current editor-in-chief, in a recent email interview. “She’s a smart and very talented woman. I’m not surprised at all of her success so far and I only expect much more in the future for her.”
“I worked with Marcelle Hutchins when she was editor of the Farmington Flyer and I was assistant editor. She was a fun, but motivated person who was determined to make the Flyer the best it could be,” said Nicaela Giglia, the current layout editor, in a recent e-mail interview.  “She achieved this by striving to keep the stories current and engaging. After her graduation her contributions were sorely missed from the Flyer but I’m sure her passion and creativity are going to get her far in the world of journalism.”
During her four years at UMF, Hutchins did many activities related to journalism. During the summer of 2010, she did an internship at a local Bar Harbor weekly newspaper called Mount Desert Islander. “I was considered a staff writer because I contributed to writing feature stories as well as hard and soft news,” said Hutchins, “I was assigned to write about surrounding islands and towns.”
The following summer she volunteered at the YMCA in Bar Harbor. “I was responsible for writing newsletters and profiles of YMCA members,” said Hutchins, “which can still be seen hung on the walls of the Y.”
As an undergraduate, Hutchins was also involved in a TV project on Mount Blue TV where she was in charge of the direction and production of three themed based talk shows. “I served as a mediator, interviewer and educator,” said Hutchins. “It enabled me to bring students and faculty members to the show because it was encompassed around the small town of Farmington.”
English Professor Patricia O’Donnell was not only her fiction professor but also one of her three advisors. “Some of her early drafts were rough but she would come to see me and revise them and revise them until they were beautiful,” said O’Donnell, “what struck me about Marcelle was how very hard she would work.”
Hutchins also excelled in classes that weren’t related to the Creative Writing major. “I am impressed by students in many ways, every day. But throughout my career there are a few who really shine, even long after they leave UMF, and Marcelle is one of them,” said Marisela Funes, the assistant professor of Spanish.
“She was bright, dedicated and responsible as a student,” said Funes, “and I’ve gotten to know her as an ambitious professional, with a voracious appetite for information, knowing new people and new ways of looking at the world.”
O’Donnell also enjoyed being Hutchins’ advisor. “When it was time to consider her plans after graduation,” said O’Donnell, “she started thinking very early about what her options were. She went out of the way to keep in contact with faculty so that writing the recommendations would be easy for us,” said O’Donnell, “She was super, super organized.”
“On my free time, which is rare,” said Hutchins, “I am at the gym, at a yoga studio, reading, or catching up with the news through CNN, MSNBC, Al-Jazeera, The Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post.”
“With journalism comes curiosity; I have always been fascinated by the lives of those around me, and that in turn has pushed me to write about people with phenomenal backgrounds,” said Hutchins.