By Lauren Mullen, Staff Writer

Emilee McCallister, Class President

Emilee McCallister, Class President (Courtesy of the UMF Senior Class of 2013 facebook page)

The University of Maine at Farmington’s senior class will be hosting their 3rd senior social on Friday, March 15th, at the Farmington Elks Lodge in West Farmington. This senior social will have a St. Patrick’s Day theme.
Senior socials are held periodically throughout the school year and are a chance for seniors, who are 21 years of age and older, to gather and celebrate their last year here at UMF. It is a chance for students to socialize with all of the people they have grown to know over the past few years.
The senior class executive board, which consists of the class president, vice president, treasurer and secretary, are the ones to plan the senior socials. Emilee McCallister, senior class president, was not expecting to have to think about so many aspects when planning.
“We have to think about what days will work best so we can get the most people and contact possible venues. We have to contact the DJ, book police officers, and plan the theme and decorations,” said McCallister.
Given that senior socials are an off campus event, alcohol is available for purchase at the venue. The UMF Senior Class executive board takes many precautions to try and ensure safety at all times during the event. “We try to make sure students aren’t driving. We have UMF vans to drive and volunteers to drive students back and forth from the computer center parking lot to the Elks Lodge. We have police to make sure people are not getting too crazy and to ensure that everyone is 21, and that no one is driving home who shouldn’t be,” said McCallister.
The senior class receives enough money in their budget to spend on 4 senior socials. “We end up paying about $150 for the hall, $100 for decorations, $300 for the DJ and about $300 for police officers to be present. It adds up very quickly,” said McCallister.
There were two senior socials held last semester and the attendance was not up to what the executive board wished it was. “The attendance at the first senior social was not as successful as we had hoped it would be. We are hoping as we continue to host senior socials, more people will show up. Because it is second semester and there is a theme, hopefully more people will come to this one,” said McCallister.
UMF seniors are also very excited for this event. It gives students a chance to connect with new and old friends they have met through the years at UMF. Catherine MacDonald, a UMF senior, is one who really looks forward to senior socials. “I love going to senior socials. It is a great way for all those who will soon graduate to spend time together before we all go our separate ways. UMF is a close knit community, so it’s nice that we have an opportunity for seniors to celebrate together,” said MacDonald.
If student’s are interested in attending the UMF Senior Social, you can see more information on the UMF Class of 2013 Facebook page. Don’t forget to wear green!