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Dear Honey,
When I started here [at UMF] as an education major, I wanted nothing but to teach. But I don’t feel like I’m learning anything in my classes! They all feel like they are based on speculation, or common freaking sense! I’m starting to doubt that ‘my calling’ is as a teacher. Am I doing something wrong?

Dear Ed Major,
I’m sorry to hear you’re losing hope in your major, but I’ve got no doubt you’ll be able to figure this out. First of all, have you been in the classroom yet? You know what I mean—up front, in center, being the teacher.  Have you fell in love with the way that teaching makes you feel? If you haven’t been a teaching assistant, a student aid, or gone through praxis yet, then you probably have no idea what teaching feels like. This means you still have a chance to regain confidence in your major. Wait and see if teaching can change your mind. If you have had experience in the classroom, then you should know that these boring classes aren’t going to be boring forever. The end result will be you standing in front of your own class, spreading knowledge. That’s what you need to keep in mind. This is about you grading papers, learning names, mentoring, and much more. These classes are just the steps to get you there. I hope you find what is right for you!
Love, Honey

Dear Honey,
My whole life I’ve been an overweight tomboy, and mocked by my family, and called “butch.” I’ve been feeling like I want to try dating other women, and should by all rights feel safe here at UMF, but I’m too afraid of my family bringing back old taunts. How do I overcome this?

Dear “Coward”,
First of all you’re not a coward in any way, shape or form. You are just struggling to find your way. Your family’s taunts aren’t something you can forget easily. These people are supposed to help you believe in yourself and all they did was put you down. I’m so sorry for this. But you only get one chance at life, and waiting for ignorant people to change their minds isn’t a way to live. Your family will either accept who you are and who you choose to love, or they won’t and it will hurt. But aren’t you hurting now? You’ve been hurting for a long time for them. You love them and you want their happiness, but your happiness comes first. Finding the person you’re meant to be with is what makes the world go around. This is what will make you truly happy. You may be afraid to hear the name calling; but what is really in a name? You are stronger than any petty words or sentences. If your family doesn’t love you how they should, maybe distance would be best. Hopefully being away at school will allow you to develop strong bonds with different people. Sometimes we have to find our family. Open yourself up to the world, to new relationships, and to yourself “coward.” Your real name is Brave. I wish you luck and love!
Love, Honey.