By Sarah Frick, Staff Writer      

It may seem that many registration processes at the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) are identical to the Hunger Games reaping. They are often random, confusing, and seemingly senseless. As a campus, we are powered by a distant cold-hearted computer system called MaineStreet that is similar to the fictional government Panem. The server apparently has no rhyme or reason and tend to shut down when it is needed most. Once again, students are forced to their own reaping: the housing process. This process, mysterious in its origins and inner workings is actually quite simple, given the correct tools and guidance.
Before the respective day arrives, students must determine where to live and who to live with. This is no doubt the most complicated part of the process as sometimes individuals may find themselves without a roommate, or even possibly a room. Residence life takes these cases into consideration as they implement the use of the roommate survey.
Many however, are nervous about how effective this survey really is. “I wish you could retake the rooming survey year to year… Your habits change when you get to college,” says Lockwood resident Kris Kelly, who is applying for a randomized roommate assignment. The positive is of course, that after the room-freeze there is always the option to switch into a room that works better for the mover.
Where to live provides an even greater challenge. Those staying on campus have to choose between seven resident halls all with their distinct pros and cons. Discussions on which building to move into often resemble an intense realty decision. For most students the choice is simple, just remain in their current building. Some students however, face an even bigger issue as they find themselves being displaced from their current rooms.
This can be especially difficult for students, as some are not quite sure how they will fit into a new location. “I’m just worried about bothering my neighbors,” says an anonymous displaced resident, being forced to leave his current basement room due to campus renovations.
The biggest, but easiest, hurtle is knowing when each “district” will be called up to choose rooms. The scheduled dates are March 25th through the 29th for seniors, juniors, sophomores, and everyone else who missed their date respectively. Displaced residents are at the top of the pack, as their registration will be held on March 22nd. The times run from 8 AM till 8 PM on those dates.
Comprehensive instructions for the specific process have been provided by the “mentors” of the housing process, the staff of residence life at the following URL:  For additional assistance the staff of residence life, as well as the flock of Community Assistance (CAs) can be sought out for individual assistance.

Remember to keep calm, stay flexible, and Happy Housing!