By Shannah Cotton, Staff Reporter

Hayley Smith-Rose, Aaron Poirier and Kristin McKenzie

Hayley Smith-Rose, Aaron Poirier and Kristin McKenzie
(Photo by Shannah Cotton)

  On April 20th Clefnotes, Bust-a-Move-Beavers (BAM), and the Lawn Chair Pirates (LCP) will come together for a night of entertainment at 7:30 pm in Lincoln Auditorium.

  With no cost for attendance,  the goal of the performance is to showcase three of the University of Maine at Farmington’s (UMF) performance clubs on campus and provide the audience with plenty of entertainment.

      “You’re going to get fifty minutes of hot improve action to warm you up,” said UMF senior Aaron Poirier, who’s been a LCP member since the fall of 2011. “You can expect laughter, some awkward moments, and probably some things that’ll make you question what you believe in. More so the first two than the last one. But we do what we can do.” Said Poirier flashing an enthused smile.

   After LCP finishes up, the Bust-A-Move-Beavers will get their chance to shine.  “The Bust-A-Move-Beavers are some of the most talented individuals I’ve ever seen,” said Poirier.

   Hayley Smith-Rose, a junior at UMF and the president of BAM, commented on the event. “It’s meant to give the audience a smorgasbord of talent to watch and hopefully get new fans for each of the clubs,” said Smith-Rose. “It will be nice to show everyone what all of us, in each group, can do.”

  Although Smith-Rose remained tight-lipped on the BAM routines she did admit a possible bonus performance. “There MIGHT be a little Clefnotes/BAM collaboration. Also, I have been choreographing for Clefnotes this semester, so you can expect some movement from them as well,” said Smith-Rose

   Kristin McKenzie, a senior at UMF, is the president of Clefnotes as well as the person who came up with the idea for a combination show. A few songs to look forward to for the Clefnotes performance are Some Nights by FUN, Us by Regina Spektor, and a pop melody. “It’s pretty fun to try and dance and sing at the same time. It’s something new,” said McKenzie, whose been learning some new moves from Smith-Rose for the performance.

   By combining the shows into one night and one place, there will be no competition for attendance, which has happened before when all three clubs performed on the same night.