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Dear Honey,
How do I compromise personal time with my roommate? For example: she wants the weekend alone with her boyfriend or girlfriend and I have to leave my own room and go somewhere else for the weekend. How should we go about personal time to make living together work?

Dear Kicked out for the Weekend,

Finding privacy in a small bedroom shared by two people is a challenge I’ve faced beforenand I know I’m not alone. Everyone who ever had a roommate in the dorms shares your struggles, because even the best of friends need space at times. To start, you need to both accept that fact that while it may be your bedroom, it’s someone else’s too. It just doesn’t make sense for your roommate to kick you out for a whole weekend to be alone with her boyfriend; that’s taking advantage of the space that is equally yours. The key to sharing a tiny room is all about schedules, communication, and compromise. When I lived in the dorms, my roommate and I began to memorize each other’s schedules; this helped us because we learnt what to expect for personal time. I knew I had a certain amount of time alone during the weekdays when we had opposite class schedules. I knew when she would be gone for the night because she’d let me know and I’d do the same for her. My boyfriend at the time would sometimes sleepover on the weekends, but I would always check with my roommate first and I compromised by spending half the weekends at his place too. Your roommate has to compromise with you about the time she wants alone with her boyfriend as well. Whenever it comes to the room and privacy, showing respect for the other person’s space is a must. So respect yourself and your roommate by talking about the situation. Get everything you’ve been feeling out in the open and I’m sure you guys will be able to find a way to co-exist peacefully.

Love, Honey.



Dear Honey,
I have been so stressed lately with grades, classes, and driving back and forth from home to school every day. The stress is getting so bad that it affects my everyday life, sleeping, eating, even making me sick. What do you think I should do to cope with my stress? I need your help Honey.

Dear Lost in Stress,

School is a humongous stressor, that much I’m certain. With the amount of time spent studying, doing homework, going to classes and returning home, your day can fly by before you have a chance to catch a breath. I am a highly stressful person because I have an anxiety disorder, so I know about stress. Basically, I’m a constant worrier. When I find myself with an even more elevated level of stress than normal, I know that I need to calm down and take a break. Your schedule may be packed, but the best thing for you is to get time for some relaxation. Read a book. Write in a journal. Go for a walk or run with a friend. Do anything that can make you stop thinking about all the things you need to do. School is always going to be a little stressful to students that care about their studies. That stress you’re feeling shows that you are not someone to float by; you want to do well. And all that takes is your brain and hard hours at work. If you’re a commuter student, maybe consider getting a place on campus for next semester. If the distance forces you to be strained for time, then you could always give yourself more time by being in walking distance of the school. Good luck with finals and next semester!