By Christy Farr, Staff Writer

Amanda Clifford and Jude Leaver Co-Choreographers of Rocky Prepare for the Upcoming Show

Amanda Clifford and Jude Leaver Co-Choreographers of Rocky
Prepare for the Upcoming Show
(Photo by Christine Farr)

   Farmington ME – The University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) kicks off the 2013 Spring Fling with drag, fishnets and heels for this year’s production of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

   Jude Leaver and Amanda Clifford are the choreographers of this year’s show. Leaver and Clifford want to provide the audience with a fun and exciting show that puts the audience at the edge of their seats.

   Rocky Horror Picture Show is a tradition at UMF.  “It is traditionally done around Halloween,” said Leaver. “We always kick it off at Spring Fling.”

   There will be two showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show on April 21st 2013, one at 9pm and one at 12am in Lincoln Auditorium. The show is free to attend and will run about two hours with no intermission.

   Anyone over the age of 18 is invited to attend the show. “If you are really uncomfortable with sexual situations or get offended easily this might not be the show for you,” said Leaver. “If you are down for a good time, lots of laughs, this show is for you.”

   Rocky Horror Picture Show is unlike other productions, the audience is expected and encouraged to be very interactive. “Dress as your favorite Rocky character or dress in boudoir attire,” said Leaver. “You can bring toast, rice, a newspaper, party hats and noisemakers.”

   Rocky is a large event on campus that many students have attended in the past. “It is a nice way for people to let loose and get out of their comfort zone,” said Leaver.

    UMF is one of the only places that you can see this production locally. “I feel like a lot of other schools don’t do it because it is so risky,” said Clifford.

   Rocky Horror Picture Show is about a couple, Brad and Janet, who are on a trip to visit their old professor but they end up having car troubles forcing them to arrive at a party asking to borrow a phone. The host turns out to be a transvestite from transsexual Transylvania who has created a man named Rocky. When Rocky is born a lot of heels, feathers, and corsets emerge, then things get strange.

   Throughout the production the audience is encouraged to sing along, shout call lines, and join in on the fun. “I really like pushing audience member’s boundaries,” said Leaver. “It is in your face theater.”

   With an interactive audience and excited cast some things may get a little out of hand. “Expect to be touched, you could be sat on by various people,” said Clifford. “My favorite part about being involved is watching the audience member’s reactions to the show.”

   There are over 20 UMF students involved in Rocky Horror this year. Although the show can be very controversial, UMF audience members connect to the script and basically become part of the show.  Part of why it is a tradition at UMF is because “It’s a gay friendly campus,” said Leaver.

   This year’s Directors of Rocky Horror Picture Show are Matt Black and Jade Wells. Any UMF student is welcome to talk to the directors about future interest in being a part of the production and joining in on this UMF Spring Fling tradition.