By Kerri-lyn Hernandez, Editor

UMF Semi-Formal Poster

Posters for the semi-formal can
be seen around campus

When three Administrative Community Assistant’s (ACA’s) came together to plan a University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) campus program, the idea of a semi-formal came into play.

  The event was inspired by Haley Smith-Rose, Kaitlin Kelleher, and Abigail Smith, the ACA’s putting on the event, who also collaborated with assistant directors Megan McManus and Melissa Campbell. Completing the semi-formal committee is also Community Assistants (CA’s): Kate Turpen, Jessica Meservey and Chelsea Collins.

  Student preference was first priority when regarding semi-formal plans. “We chose to do a semi-formal because students don’t get many chances to dress up for a fun night any more in college,” said Smith-Rose, a junior at UMF. “We wanted to give people the chance to dress up and also have a good time dancing.”

   The planning seemed to be spot on to UMF freshmen Taylor Marshall, “I was really excited for an excuse to get dressed up,” said Marshall. “I’m excited just for another dance; I definitely think it’ll be a good time.”

   Others agreed with Marshall’s positive outlook on the semi-formal. “I really want to go,” said Thomas Feeley, a junior at UMF, who is excited for “the opportunity to dance with my friends,” considering this adds a third dance to the usual two, including the Halloween dance and the Spring Fling dance that will take place April 26th.

   The committee has many aspects of the semi-formal already planned, including a DJ, refreshments, and “wild surprises.” Funding for the event comes from donations from residence halls and from Walmart, while Aramark will be supplying the food and drinks.

   Many students are pleased to hear of the plans of the dance. “I’m really excited about the surprises, I really love winning things,” said Feeley. “The food is a good idea because I often get hungry at dances.” Students tend to dance quite a lot, burning calories and breaking a sweat, making them hungry and very thirsty. The other two dances that UMF puts on does not usually provide food, so this is an added bonus to the semi-formal.

   The semi-formal will take place on April 13th, 2013 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the South Dining Hall.