By Grace Hatch, Staff Writer

Intramural paticipants all in red at the FRC

Intramural paticipants
(Photo by Grace Hatch)

  The University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) students who are not playing varsity have the alternative option of staying or becoming active by participating in intramural sports.

   Some college students are worried about gaining the “freshman 15” when they come to college, especially if they are not planning on playing a varsity sport for school.

    Intramural sports occur throughout the entire school year during their designated seasons. These sports include but are not confined to kickball, basketball, soccer, broomball and inner tube water polo. The current intramural season is basketball. There are 8 men’s teams and 7 women’s teams currently registered and playing games on weeknights. Anyone can play intramural sports at UMF.

   Nathan Wyman is a junior at UMF. He does not play any varsity sports at UMF but he does play intramural basketball.

   “Making a team is really simple, you just get some friends together that enjoy sports, then to register you grab the paper from the booth in the student center,” said Wyman. “Write all of your names on it and pay 10 bucks when you hand it back in.”

    Wyman is part of a team named “Off in the Woods.” Unlike varsity sports teams, intramural sports don’t have set times for practices unless they decide as a team to meet up; a system that seems to work well with a busy college student’s class schedule.

    “We typically just meet up at game time and wing it,” said Wyman. “I’m friends with everyone on the team so occasionally a few of us play together at the Fitness and Recreation Center (FRC) but we don’t have any official practices or anything.”

    Intramural sports are not only a way to get exercise; they are also a way to get connected with others from the UMF community and make new friends.

   “Sometimes my friends invite their friends who I don’t know and we end up becoming friends too. But on the other hand, sometimes I’m just too competitive and don’t make friends from other teams,” said Wyman with a laugh.

   “My favorite part is that you just get to hang out and have fun and it is good exercise!” said Wyman. “It’s just a good time.”

   UMF Intramurals has a Facebook page where they update game scores and schedules as the seasons continue. Newly this spring they will be introducing Battleship that will be played in the FRC pool with boats. Anyone looking for information on the activities can visit the Intramural office which is located at the FRC.

    The director is Leah Brackett and she can be contacted at (207)-778-7138. All the games are open to the public so anyone wanting to see what UMF intramurals are or just looking to support classmates and friends can catch a game!