By Natalia Asis, Staff Reporter

Hayley Smith-Rose

Hayley Smith-Rose (Courtesy of Hayley Smith-Rose)

   Junior, Hayley Smith-Rose, has had a very busy semester with a variety of activities, including preparing for the upcoming Bust-a-Move-Beavers (BAM) dance recital, fundraising for Relay for Life, organizing a semi-formal dance, working two jobs and taking four classes.

  “She is very motivated and, from the moment she joined BAM, she was very passionate about it. She always practices; she takes it very seriously. She takes leadership roles very well. As the President, she’s been amazing,” said said senior BAM member Chelsea L. Leblanc. “We raised a lot of Money for Relay. It’s more than what we raised last year and I can tell it’s partly because of Hayley’s influence.” According to, “Bust-A- Move for a cure” fundraised $2,302.67.

   “We vote a new president every semester and I got voted twice,” said Smith-Rose. She has been the president for the whole academic year  of 2012-13.

   BAM is getting ready for their Spring performance that will take place on Apr.26-27 at 7.30pm at Emery. “It’s our big thing,” said Smith-Rose. “We do about 25 songs each night and I’m in 6 or 7.  Everyone has practice at least 4 hours a week but I practice 7 hours a week,” said Smith-Rose. “It’s quite a commitment.”

   “I’ve been dancing for years so this is continuing dancing in college,” said Smith-Rose who joined BAM in her sophomore year. “It’s a lot of fun and I meet a lot of people.

   As a student, her classmates think she is quite serious too. “She doesn’t speak out all the time, but when she does, she knows what she’s talking about,” said junior Carol Bucklin. They both share the same major, music administration, so they have taken many classes together.

   “Even though she is busy, she doesn’t put classes on the back burner,” said Leblanc.

   According to Christina Cook, a junior who is currently in the same Human Resource Development class as Smith-Rose, “She’s an excellent student and person to work with because she takes her academics seriously. She approaches things like ‘I can handle it, it may be difficult but I’ll get through it’. She has a great sense of humor about things,” said Cook, “She’s serious when she needs to be and, when the mood needs to be lightened, she always has a joke on her.”

   Smith-Rose chose this major because she would like to work in the radio business. “ I interned at Kiss 108 in Boston just to check it out and see if I liked it, and I really liked it so that’s what pushed me in the direction to keep going with that,” said Smith-Rose. “I’m planning to do the internship again this summer.”

   “She knows what she wants and she goes for it,” said Cook. “She’s so true to herself all the time.”

   Smith-Rose is a CA at Scott North on the third floor. “She is awesome; she is very organized and you can always count on her,” said her co-CA, junior Maileny Guillén. “She is a funny person overall but, when we have a staff meeting, she always have funny comments to say.”

   The Residents of Scott North enjoy having Smith-Rose as their CA. “Hayley’s an amazing CA, she really goes above and beyond the work that is expected of her,”

said sophomore Kelsey Redmond who lives in Scott North, “She has such a busy schedule because of all of the responsibilities she takes on but that never breaks her positive attitude. Even though she’s always working her hardest, Hayley’s someone that always has a smile on her face and is always there for you if you need someone.”

   “She was my CA for a while,” said Cooke, “and she was excellent. She’d always check on me. She has been a constant support in my life throughout college,” said Cook. “She’s uplifting and willing to help out.”

   “I originally became a CA because I had a hard time my freshmen year so I wanted to help people transition into college,” said Smith-Rose. “This year I applied to a higher position so now I am the head CA of Scott.”

   “I really like doing the programs,” said Smith-Rose, “and I like coming up with different creative ideas. I just planned the semi-formal we’ve just had. That was something I’d been working on for the past year and it was very successful,” said Smith-Rose.

   Smith-Rose also has a work-study job at Sound, Performance, and Visual Inquiry as an office secretary in Merrill. She’s been working at the same office for nearly three years. “She’s talented kind,” said Smith-Rose’s boss, Robin Palmer-Mosher. “She is fun, outgoing and upbeat. She is a go-getter.”

   Another work-study student at the office is sophomore Taylor McCafferty. “Hayley’s great to work with and is a friend of mine outside of work as well. She’s the person who showed me the ropes at the SPVI office originally,” said McCafferty. “I can always count on her to be reliable, like when we plan to work at a concert together she will definitely be there. The best thing about working with Hayley is her way of always keeping things fun and interesting,” said McCafferty. “She has a way to make average stories hilarious and can always be counted on to cheer up Robin or I if we ever need it.”

“When you first start college you ask people, ‘oh, what do you wanna do? What’s your major?’ and when I asked her what she wanted to do she was like ‘I wanna be a rockstar!’ When I saw she was serious I thought, ‘Ok, this girl is going to be a rockstar,’” said Cook.