By Innes Herdan, Editor

Larissa Hannan and Sidney Ellis

Larissa Hannah (left) and Sidney Ellis (right) (Photo courtesy of Larissa Hannan)

Larissa Hannan, a native of Montville, Maine, decided last academic year that the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) would be the right fit to further her education. Hannan was in search of a college that could provide a petite campus and small class sizes.

     “I like that [Farmington] is a small town setting and that it reminds me of home,” said Hannan.

     As one of about  four hundred and fifty incoming freshmen at UMF, Hannan has found herself becoming more comfortable with the campus, residential life, and joining extracurriculars.Hannan has recently gotten more involved with the campus’  community by joining one of the dance groups at UMF, Bust-A- Move Beavers (BAM). “I love to dance and I have been dancing since I was three,” said Hannan.

   College can also be a place where old friends reconnect as Hannan and Becky Cook, senior and founder of BAM, rekindle their friendship through dance.

   “I met Larissa when we were both on the Dance Connection Dance Team from Fairfield, Maine,” said Cook, “ She is an absolutely beautiful dancer, and her kicks are phenomenal!! I have spent time with her during dance practices since she came to UMF, and she has been a wonderful addition to the group.”

    Hannan has also found herself getting academically involved at UMF. In the future, Hannan would like to have a career in Forensic Science and hopes to get there with her Bachelor’s degree in biology. Currently, Hannan has found herself enthralled in her biology class with Professor Barton, who “goes above and beyond; he takes us outside often instead of keeping us inside the lab,” said Hannan.

    During this past month, Hannan has found comfort in her residential housing, Purington Hall.  Originally, Hannan had expected residential living to be loud and obnoxious but Hannan has been pleasantly surprised.

    “Purington is a nice and quiet dorm, where I can actually get work done,” said Hannan, “and the single user bathrooms are a huge plus.”

      Unlike many other incoming freshmen, Hannan decided to room with someone she has known for nearly seven years.

     “We chose to dorm together because we are best friends but also because it would be more comfortable,” said Sydney Ellis, freshman and roommate of Hannan.

    By living with someone they already know, they find comfort in not having to match their sleeping and living habits to someone they do not know.

     As far as Hannan’s future at UMF, she is primarily concerned about taking advantage of all the university’s opportunities to get involved with the campus and the community. “I hope to get involved,” said Hannan, “A lot of my high school teachers had so much fun because they were in a ton of clubs at UMF so that is what I want.”