By Abbey Randall, Sports Editor

UMF Women's Field Hockey Players #2 Kaitlyn Bullen and #10 Kashley Weymouth

UMF Women’s Field Hockey Players #2 Kaitlyn Bullen and #10 Kashley Weymouth (Photo courtesy of Abbey Randall)

Women’s Field Hockey

Record: 3-2 overall, 2-0 conference


After having a tough loss opening game against USM in over time, the Lady Beavers have been able to hold their own in their conference standings with a win over Colby-Sawyer and Rivier University. Against Endicott a team effort win over the Gulls with goals by Kaitlyn Bullen, Delainey Kein, and Kate Storey with a final score of 3-1. First conference game against Rivier goals scored by forward, Bullen and midfielder Chelsea Morley, with a shutout score of 2-0. Against Colby-Sawyer two goals were scored by forward Bullen and forward Kashley Weymouth with a single added in by Rebecca Young, with a win of 5-3.


Men’s Soccer

Record: 1-3-1 overall, 0-1-1 conference


Opening game against University of Maine Presque Isle, men’s soccer finishes with a goal by Ibrahim Achekh and win over the Owls 1-0. Tough loses against University of New England, Husson, and Saint Joseph’s College. Playing double over time with Lyndon State the team just wasn’t able to close the deal with a final score of 0-0. The game against Colby College was postponed due to the rain and still hasn’t been rescheduled.


Women’s Cross Country


Awarded second place at the Husson Invitational out of four teams, women’s cross country has been off to a good start. At the Thomas College Invitational the women ranked fourth place out of seven teams. In the Gordon College Pop Crowell Invitational they finished eighth place out of eighteen teams. At Gordon College, Emma Pidden, freshman at UMF, finished 42nd out of a totaling 177 finishers with a time of 22:42:00. In their last meet  at Bowdoin College Invitational, the women’s team finished eighth out of ten teams. The next meet is on October 12th at St. Joseph’s College Runnin’ Monks Invitational.


Men’s Cross Country


Finishing fourth out of five teams at the Husson Invitational the men’s cross country showed improvement at the Thomas College Invitational resulting in third out of a total of seven teams. At the Gordon College Pop Crowell Invitational the men’s team finished in the top half with sixth place out of fourteen teams. In their last meet at Bowdoin College Invitational the team finished in seventh place out of ten teams. Sam Leal, senior at UMF, received Rookie of the Week for the North Atlantic Conference for men’s cross country. Leal finished 12th at the Gordon College Pop Crowell Invitational with a total of 155 finishers. In the Bowdoin College Invitational, Leal finished 46th and Joshua Wynne, sophmore at UMF, finished right behind him in 55th place out of 129 finishers. The next meet is on October 12th at St. Joseph’s College Runnin’ Monks Invitational.


Men’s Golf


With a roster of nine golfers the men’s team has struggled to make it to the top of the results standings in their matches. First invitational was at Bowdoin College and they ranked eleventh out of thirteen teams. The men did much better in the third match at the Sunday River Golf Course, finishing fourth out of eight teams, with a total of 321 points. In the Husson University Invitational the team tied in fourth place out of ten teams with a total of 345 points, not to far behind USM who finished in third with a score of 339. At the St. Joseph’s College John Queenan Invitational the men finished fifth place out of six teams with a score of 353 points.