What is your favorite memory of your time at UMF?

“The BAM recitals, every semester they just keep getting better.” ~Olivia Goddard, Junior

Olivia Goddard

Olivia Goddard, Junior

“Going whitewater rafting during orientation.” ~Harley Davis, Freshmen
Harley Davis, Freshman

Harley Davis, Freshmen

Could this quote replace Brigittas quote? She thought this fit better for her “My favorite experience has been tabling for the blood drive, through alpha phi omega. I love donating blood, and I love convincing to sign up! Plus if they try to ignore me, I get to heckle them until they come talk to me, and that is truly a joy.” Brigitta Valente, Junior



Brigitta Valente, Junior

“My memorable experience is my first Bust-A-Move-Beavers dance performance because of the connection I built with my dance family, the “bamily”. Dancing with a group of dancers who are passionate and vivacious, who I have the privilege to call my friends is something incomparable. I’ve danced my whole life with dance companies. However, dancing with peers and friends is pure bliss. That first performance was incredibly special and memorable.” Eliza LaBelle, Senior

Eliza LaBelle, Senior

Eliza LaBelle, Senior