By Samantha Gifford, Staff Writer

Wyatt Porter using room at Mantor for office hours (photo by Samantha Gifford)

Wyatt Porter using room at Mantor for office hours (photo by Samantha Gifford)

Mantor Library, the University of Maine at Farmington’s (UMF) library on campus, is now offering the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff members to be able to reserve study rooms through a new software program.

    SuperSaas is the up and running software program that allows an individual to reserve up to three study rooms at once through an online planner.

    “Students just click on a link from our homepage and they can select what room they want to reserve, they can reserve up to two hours at one time and they can have three reservations at once on the calendar if that makes sense,” said  Bryce Cundick, the library information services manager at Mantor Library, “You know you could have something for today, something for tomorrow, and something for the day after.”

    Cundick, who has been with Mantor Library for the past six years, mentioned that this idea originated six months prior to its release by Jen Arnott, the information technology librarian.

    “We’ve seen more and more students be interested in reserving study spaces. Before [SuperSaas], students had to come up to the desk or call a librarian and say, ‘hey I’m interested in reserving a space,’ and we had to do that for them. A lot of times during the school year that wasn’t a big deal but at finals time or like midterms people really wanted study rooms and so we started looking around to see what options were out there as far as some software we can use or some technology or something online that people could just do it themselves.” said Cundick.

    As of right now Mantor Library is equipped with a media room, multiple project zones, two rooms with projectors, and two large study rooms. Cundick went on to explain what each room consists of; in the media room “we’ve got an international DVD player that can play any region of DVD’s, a VHS player, a widescreen television, and a comfy set of couches. We have a couple of project zones those are rooms with a computer, typically a sound system, and two monitors. Then we have two rooms with projectors, and two large group study rooms that’ll fit ten to fifteen people, and one of those has what’s called a starboard.”

   If students are interested in reserving a space at Mantor  Library, they can click “Spaces” at the bottom of the left hand side of the webpage and that will lead them to the form to reserve a room.