By Marisa Murray, Staff Writer

UMF Senior and Acoustic Showcase Emcee, Caleb Fletcher (photo by Wyatt Porter)

UMF Senior and Acoustic Showcase Emcee, Caleb Fletcher (photo by Wyatt Porter)

The Landing at the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) will be hosting the first ever Acoustic Showcase, an exhibition of three musicians and a comedian, next month.

The Acoustic Showcase is an event where the musicians can sing for half an hour each, whatever they want, whether it’s original songs or covers.

“We wanted to give the people who were really good the opportunity to showcase themselves,” said Chelsea Collins, junior and Executive Director of  the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) and Community Assistant (CA). “We chose three musicians who are known around campus as being really good.”

The musicians being showcased are Zach Lavoie, Cole Philips, and Kerry Schlosser. All three have been recognized as having a lot of talent.

“All the musicians came into an ACE meeting and sang for us to make sure they were who we wanted,” said Collins.

Collins explained how they chose the musicians. The idea for the Acoustic Showcase originally came from Lavoie. As Lavoie was a resident of Collins’ last year, she knew he had talent.  Philips was recommended to Collins by another CA. Schlosser was originally noticed at an Open Mike Night by a few members of ACE.

“We wanted a girl in there, so she came to sing for us and she works perfectly with them,” said Collins. “They kind of go together.”

The show is called the Acoustic Showcase because of the instruments the musicians play.

“Lavoie plays the ukelele, Philips and Schlosser both play the guitar,” said Collins.

ACE is hoping to continue doing events like this in the future.

“We will pick different musicians throughout, said Collins. “We will have them audition for us and give them the opportunity to have their own kind of show.”

Caleb Fletcher, a senior at UMF, will be emcee-ing the event.

“From what I know, Zach Lavoie and (Cole Philips) were really excited about trying to perform music for the Landing and, in general, doing their own show,” said Fletcher. “I was asked to do a comedy interlude for it.”

Fletcher was excited when Lavoie approached him about helping him with the show.

“(Lavoie) asked me personally if I would be the person that goes ahead and opens up for him and I gladly agreed.”

Fletcher plans on doing standup that he has been working on for a while now.

“Hopefully it is going to end with me and Lavoie doing a song,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher has his own show coming up later in November. The Art Renegades are putting together a one-hour standup comedy special on November 21st.

“So this is kind of the ‘pre-‘ to that thing,” said Fletcher.

The Acoustic Showcase is on November 7th in the Landing. ACE will be selling their new t-shirts that sport a beaver doing the backstroke and saying “We’ll Keep Your Beaver Busy” with the ACE symbol on the back.

More information can be found by contacting ACE.