By Sam Gifford, Staff Writer

Shelby Thibodeau, Cassidy Small, and MEg Scully at the Halloween Dance (Left to Right) (photo courtesy of Wyatt Porter)

Shelby Thibodeau, Cassidy Small, and MEg Scully at the Halloween Dance (Left to Right) (photo courtesy of Wyatt Porter)

Each year the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) hosts a Halloween dance, put together by the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE). Doctors, zombies, sports fans, and super heroes all lined up for the annual dance, which took place on October 25th in the South Dining Hall.

    The dance is planned by “All ACE members, including E-board,” said Chelsea Collins, Executive Director of ACE. “Jessica Cox, the Executive Director of Programming, is in charge of the DJ and making sure that all the paperwork gets completed. Erica Thompson and Jeremy Vroom, the advertisers, make sure that posters and table toppers are out to inform students of the date and time of events. Jayci Fournier, the CFO, is in charge of the budget and makes sure that we are spending what we have and also deposits the money that we make into our fundraising account. The other members decide upon logistics, such as prizes, decorations, and categories for the costume contest,” said Collins.

    This year’s budget for the dance was $3,500 according to Collins, who also said that “The cost of the DJ was $3,000. Most of our money went to the DJ. We also bought Halloween buckets and candy for the costume contest prizes and we also purchased water to sell.”

    This year, just like last, the dance was held in the same location at the same time period of 10pm to 1am. Although that remained the same Collins said that, “Every year brings new changes, whether it be with cost, materials, or procedure. We like to improve every year specifically with set-up, running the dance, and putting everything back to where it was.”

    “The dance has improved in many ways,” said Collins, “We have a significantly larger amount of members which gives us the opportunity to get things done more efficiently. Every year we learn something new. This year we knew exactly where and how to stack tables and were able to get everything done in less than an hour.”

     Kaylee Kowalczyk, a recent graduate of UMF, said that her return was to visit a friend. “The thing that I enjoyed the most about the dance was being surrounded by my old friends and making some new ones and the DJ’s – Greg Young is the best DJ! Not sure if I will come back again next year because of friends graduating- but It’s definitely a possibility,” said Kowalczyk.

     Brandon Doughty, a senior at UMF said what he enjoyed most was, “The atmosphere and getting to see my friends have a good time,” and, “I had tons of fun!”

    “Many times people will come up to me and say how great of a time they had. This past dance I had three separate people come up to me and gave me a high five and said thank you. It means a lot to me and the other members when students have a good time. We put a lot of work and effort into putting this all together and it is nice to get some positive feedback,” said Collins.