Innes Herdan, Editor

NYC Rapper Somnous (photo courtesy of Somnous' Facebook)

NYC Rapper Somnous (photo courtesy of Somnous’ Facebook)


On November 16th, the Senior Class of 2014 at the University of Maine Farmington (UMF) is hosting a senior social , but with an added twist. In addition to its house party theme, there will also be an up and coming rapper, Sean Rogers or more commonly known as Somnous, from New York City performing.

     Ian McAlister, senior at UMF, is responsible for this change of pace, as he discovered Somnous on his own accord. My brother and I follow this band Lydia, and the lead singer, Leighton, does back up vocals to Somnous,” said McAlister.

    Having found Somnous through another band, McAlister reached out to him through twitter and later they exchanged phone numbers, which resulted in McAlister asking Somnous if he would be interested in performing at UMF.

   For Somnous to venture to Maine, McAlister paid for the ticket out of his own pocket, but Somnous is not charging anything to play for the Farmington students. “[He] usually gets $600-$700 a show,” said McAlister, “Some of his song are on MTV…songs are in the background of the show Scrubbing In…I am pretty confident he will be more famous in the next couple years”

   Due to Somnous’s “down to Earth” demeanour,  McAlister felt he would add to the gathering. “You can go to anyones house and listen to the same old music, but this is live music, it mixes it up,” said McAlister.

    Somnous is also looking forward to the change of scenery. “I’ve been trying to get to Maine for years, but my schedule never allowed it, until now,” said Somnous in a recent e-mail interview, “College kids have a sick unnatural amount of energy when it comes to music and partying. I’m very excited to come up.”

    Somnous will be performing a range of music to UMF for the first hour of the Senior Social. “I consider the music I make a hip hop fusion,” said Somnous, “There’s elements of rock, house, pop, etc. I’m starting to co write a electronic project with a good friend of mine, I don’t think I could ever be nailed down to one genre.”

     Somnous has been working within the realm of music for several years, including creating, writing, and performing it. “ I’ve always loved music but I would say my teenage years I actually started digging deep into creating it,” said Somnous. “When I saw my favorite musicians on stage and the joy they brought the crowd, I knew I wanted to make people feel the same way. No one ever forgets that one particular concert.”

McAlister approached the Senior Class of 2014 vice president, Sean Skillern, with the idea of Somnous performing a free show for the students at the social. Skillern was very supportive of the idea and presented it to the other officers, who together came to a decision within a day.

      For those who are 21 years and older, the Senior Social will be hosted at the Elks Lodge in Farmington, Maine; Somnous will be performing at 9 PM. For those interested in listening to his music, his website