By Innes Herdan, Editor Fall 2013

Innes Herdan Farmington Flyer Editor 2013 Fall Semester (Photo courtesy of Innes Herdan)

Innes Herdan Farmington Flyer Editor 2013 Fall Semester (Photo courtesy of Innes Herdan)

When I was a junior in highschool, I found a passion for writing. It started with the ability to convey my thoughts in a freeing and effortless way on the lines of my composition notebook and then I began sharing what I wrote in hopes of helping others, and even myself. I have found that writing, no matter the form, has some major healing powers for not only the writer, but the readers as well.

            During my Freshman year of college, I was enrolled in an English class focused on writers on writing and one day we had Lu Yetter, author and advisor of the Farmington Flyer, as a guest speaker in the class. She spoke of her journalism class and the work the Farmington Flyer does and I was immediately hooked. I remember writing in my planner with an asterix to make sure I register for the journalism class in the Fall.

I had thought it would be a challenge for me, a poet, to transition to the journalistic style, but I found a real passion for wanting to know the different facets that went into the makings of a good hard news or feature story. Through in-class workshops and journalism club meetings, I learned the trick of the trade and never looked back.

Being part of the Journalism Club has been one of the best parts of going to the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF); the bonds I have built, the skills I have learned and the skills I have helped others learn have been very fundamental for me. I hope to become a social worker after I graduate and I believe that honing in on hobbies and practices that fulfill you can be a big part of personal therapy.

           I want to take the skills I learned as assistant editor and editor and translate them to my future plans. I learned the art of communicating in a professional way through interviews, I learned the ability to help others be as thrilled with their writing as I was, and the ability to successfully work as a team.

   I could not have done this reign as editor without the wonderful support of an absolutely fantastic and supportive team. I am so grateful that I had my best friend as editor before me and was able to use her guidance to produce five beautiful, well-collaborated issues. I am also very thankful for such a receptive and kind assistant editor to pass the torch to; I know your time as editor will be successful and I can not wait to read the issues you produce.

If I could give anyone advice, it would be to not let fear stop you from following your dreams and to not hesitate to try something new. My cross country coach in high school once gave this quote for me  to hold onto and I feel it is pertinent for anyone with a passion.

“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.” – Louisa May Alcott