By Abbey Randall, Sports Editor

Ayla Allen, Player 10 Takes a Shot (Photo courtesy of Abbey Randall)

Ayla Allen, Player 10 Takes a Shot (Photo courtesy of Abbey Randall)

The women’s basketball team at the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) was unable to sweep past the Johnson State Badgers during their second conference match-up at Dearborn Gymnasium this past week ending with a final score of 62-56.

During the first half of the game, Johnson State came out with intensity and pressure, but the Lady Beavers found a way to stay within a few points throughout the entire game. In the second half of the match-up UMF had a hard time getting into a rhythm, ending the game with a .238 field goal percentage. “We didn’t really communicate well and that was one of our biggest challenges tonight,” said Lindsay Ranquist, junior guard.

Ayla Allen, sophomore forward, finished with the team high of fifteen points and seven rebounds. With a team effort given by Ranquist adding twelve points and eight rebounds and Holly Oliver, senior forward, putting up ten points and five rebounds. Meghan Smith, sophmore forward, was able to bring down a team high of eleven rebounds and added seven points.

“They [Johnson State] are much improved from last year,” said Coach Beaudoin in a pregame interview. “We really have to come out strong.” UMF women’s basketball team fought through the entire game leaving the first half only trailing by one point with a score of 36-35. Lady Beavers put pressure on defense, out rebounded Johnson state 57-48 and kept the game within only a few baskets during the second half. UMF took a slight lead, 42-41, only minutes after half time.

The Lady Beavers’ offense seemed out of sync throughout the game and the team could not seem to find the net, ending the game with a total of eighteen turnovers. Johnson state scored seventeen of their points off of turnovers from UMF. “The big thing is to be positive with each other and have each other’s backs and to lift each other up,” said Mallory Bonnevie, senior guard.

Each season brings new challenges and the season is still young. The Lady Beavers currently have a record of 2-4 overall and 1-1 for their conference. Added to this years roster includes five new freshman, #11 Courtney Alofs, #20 Rhi Jackson, #22 Bridget Humphrey, #32 Kennadi Grover, and #335 Alison Crocker.

“Work ethic is really important and student athletes have to want to put in extra time to get better,” said Coach Beaudoin. UMF hopes to finish their first semester games with a total of six wins to meet specific team goals made at the beginning of the season. “We have a lot of different goals some of them are academic based, community based, and we would like to get a home playoff game this year,”  said Coach Beaudoin. “Setting smaller goals throughout the season gets the team to a good point in February.”

After a tough lose to Johnson State, being the first home conference game, the Lady Beavers look ahead at games to come and continue to work hard as the season goes on.“We are going to leave this game behind and move forward to our next games,” said Bonnevie.