By Delainey Kein, Staff Reporter

UMF Field Hockey Player Carly Raymond, recently named the Leading Scorer in the NAC (photo courtesy of Carly Raymond)

UMF Field Hockey Player Carly Raymond, recently named the Leading Scorer in the NAC (photo courtesy of Carly Raymond)

University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) field hockey player Carly Raymond  is a shining star on the team and was recently named Rookie of the Week for two consecutive weeks. She has scored more goals than any other player in the North Atlantic Conference (NAC).

Raymond, a freshman and elementary education major, is showing exceptional skill and potential as she begins her career at UMF. She has scored eight goals and one assist giving her a team-leading total of 17 points. Raymond is also the leading scorer in the NAC, beating out almost 100 women from five teams for the title.

Raymond, showing her humility, had no idea that she was not only the lead scorer on her team but in the conference as well. “Everyone was telling me it was in the whole conference,” said Raymond. “I was really surprised, I didn’t expect it at all.”

Traditionally, forwards tend to be goal scorers, but Raymond has taken tradition and stomped

on it with her cleats. Accomplishing a nearly unheard of goal she was able to accumulate her

eight goals as a midfielder. Raymond says she is able to score goals because of her position on

penalty corners. “On corners, I am on the [goal] post,” she said. “So the ball crosses [the cage] a

lot and I can just tip it in.”

Eleven-year UMF field hockey coach Cynthia Pratt agrees with Raymond. “A lot of her goals

come off the right post,” said Pratt. “Her hand eye coordination is outstanding.” Pratt attributed Raymonds success to her diverse talents and skills. “Carly is a natural goal scorer and very smart,” she said. “She is obviously a strong athlete. College is a little more of a physical game than high school, but that doesn’t bother her. She doesn’t shy away from the physicality of the college game.”

Raymond’s skill is undeniable she possesses a raw talent that many athletes strive to duplicate. “I feel like when the ball comes to me, it almost slows down,” she said. “I don’t know why, but

when my stick hits it, it’s like it slows down so I can hit it better.”

Pratt made a big deal of Carly’s hand eye coordination, but the praise didn’t stop there. “I

think she is very consistent and very calm,” said Pratt. “She doesn’t get too rattled which

certainly helps her be successful. She is focused.”

Raymond was also awarded the title of Rookie of the Week for two consecutive weeks. This

award goes to the rookie player that performed the best overall during that week. Raymond snatched the title by scoring a goal and an assist one week, and two goals the week before.

Although Raymond’s individual success is evident, she refused to take full credit for herself.

“I am proud to be on this team,” she said with a smile. “Because its not all me. It’s all the

teammates helping out. No matter what, if my name is on the website, it is still all about the

team. It is never about just one person.”