By Haley Lynch, Staff Writer

International students headed to the dance (photo courtesy of Pauline Lefeuvre)

International students headed to the dance (photo courtesy of Pauline Lefeuvre)

This year’s Halloween Dance at the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF), put on by the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE), was a success according to both students and security.

UMF’s annual Halloween Dance took place on Friday, October 24. In past years, there have been numerous occasions of students arriving to the dance highly intoxicated. In recent years students have been asked to leave or even arrested for being intoxicated. This year there has been a lot of discussion on campus about security at the event. Many students were aware that there would be an increase in security at this year’s dance.

The security measures discussed and implemented for this year’s event were minor changes not meant to significantly impact the event. Rumors about the possible changes took on a life of their own and spread quickly. Junior Samantha Cote heard rumors about security at the dance through social media. “I went on Yik Yak the days leading up to the dance and I’d see all these posts about how there were going to be breathalyzers for everyone, even people who were 21. Obviously that wasn’t reasonable or true.”

Of course the breathalyzer rumor turned out to be false, however there was an increase in the number of security personnel working the dance. Event Security Coordinator Nicholas Bucci has worked with Event Security for two years now. According to Bucci, this year’s Halloween Dance proved to be, “more tame in the sense that no arrests were made.”

“There were only two events that required police intervention,” said Bucci, “just one person giving a strip show and someone attempting to start a fight.” He went on to explain that while some attendees had been drinking things did not get out of hand. “I also saw many more intoxicated people. But people behaved decently,” said Bucci.  “I didn’t have to yell at anyone for jumping on the stage.”

The dance was a success and in many ways similar to years past. Students who attended enjoyed the dance. “It was a really good time,” said Cote. “There were so many great costumes and the music was great. Nothing too wild happened either so I’d say that’s probably a good thing especially for people who work the dance.”