By Kerri-lyn Hernandez, Assistant Editor  

    UMF’s Nightmare Club shares horror and welcomes anyone who is interested with open arms.

   “We’re not asking you to come every meeting. You can just come to one event. If you want to be a full time member, you can come to all. We don’t really care about having a lot of full time members. We want people to come, experience, and leave if they want,” said Kirk Wilkins, president and founder of the club, and junior at UMF.

   The Nightmare Club came to be by just another movie night between co-founders, Wilkins and Ashley Lessner ( treasurer and junior at UMF), “We were sitting around watching some films and realized it’d be nice to watch more films with more people… to have a group that could watch horror films with each other,” said Wilkins.

   Movies are not the main concentration of the club however, “The week of Halloween is going to be full of… Episodes of shows, costumes contest… a sleepover in Nordica… We want to have workshops for special interests; dealing with horror… creating costumes, what it takes to write a horror film…,” informed Wilkins.

   The Nightmare Club is committed to having a lot of fun activities open to anyone interested, “We didn’t want to be one of those clubs that says if you miss three meetings you’re out,” said Lessner.

   The Nightmare Club does not necessarily have an attendance policy, “A club shouldn’t feel like an obligation,” Wilkins added. Both founders believe clubs should be “fun” and “relaxing” and “an escape.”

   The club currently has about ten to twelve members, said Lessner. However, they believe they have many more and the dozen or so referred to are the people who attend regularly.

   Both founders wanted to be clear that the club is “all about an exploration of horror and how it affects us in everyday life, from common fears and phobias, to why we fear things,” Wilkins said.

   “We want to cover what things make us usually uncomfortable… odd fascinations… turned into so much more,” said Lessner, “We’re not some gory club. It’s not like that. It’s a vast range. We’re not very interested in the bloody gory things. It’s more the psychological side of things.”

   In the future, the club would love to hold events such as going to “supposedly haunted places…,” said Wilkins, or “the zombie convention… maybe go down to Salem at some point.”

   The Nightmare Club meets every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. in Roberts 201, anyone is welcome.