By Christina Hallowell, Vice President

Concert Organizer Christopher Wren (photo courtesy of Gia Pilgrim)

Concert Organizer Christopher Wren (photo courtesy of Gia Pilgrim)

Christopher Wren was right in his element in the University of Maine (UMF) WUMF radio station.  He checked in with the other DJs during his 6-8pm Monday radio show to make sure everything was under control before he left to discuss WUMF’s upcoming concert.

Wren, a sophomore computer science major, has been involved with WUMF for two semesters. This is his first semester as part of the executive board. “I’m the local music director,” said Wren. “There’s a lot of footwork involved in that.”

As part of his position on E-board, Wren is responsible for contacting and building relationships with local bands. Wren says his favorite part about this position is, “getting to know these bands personally and being able to communicate with them on a regular basis.” Continually finding new music to play on air is another perk of his job, according to Wren.

UMF has hosted many music events over the years but this concert is a little different. In years past WUMF has hosted a Battle of the Bands in the spring semester. This year they have decided to hold a concert of local bands this fall. “I think for a while, we didn’t have a lot of extra money to do concerts,” said Wren. “But we shifted some money and we have enough to have at least this concert this semester and we’ll have Battle of the Bands in the spring.”

“I’ve been organizing it on the band side, personally,” said Wren. “[WUMF] will put the event together and the bands just have to show up!”  Bands performing at the concert will be The Mad Mulligans, Sonic Paradigm and Wolves Among Sleep. All of the bands are local bands from Maine. “Mad Mulligans plays in the area, and they actually come to a lot of events and are pretty popular in this area,” said Wren. “Sonic Paradigm went on hiatus for awhile but now they’re back doing shows.”

Wren excitedly explained that, “there’s going to be free Monster!” The energy drink company will be donating eight cases of drinks to give away at the event. The deal between WUMF and Monster was initiated by WUMF member, Cody Garland.

The concert will be November 15th in the South Dining Hall and admission is free for all UMF students.