By Courtney Fowler, Staff Writer

Rainbow at Sunday River on Opening Day (photo courtesy of Andrew McCabe)

Rainbow at Sunday River on Opening Day (photo courtesy of Andrew McCabe)

On November 2, Sunday River became the first ski resort to open in New England, beating

Killington ski resort in Vermont by just two hours.

“We always try to be the first to open every year,” said assistant manager Ben Taylor, “this

year we were lucky enough to beat Killington by just two hours. It was close, but we did it once


Sunday River had been preparing for the opening for many weeks prior. There was two inches

of natural snow recorded on the day of the opening, but “guns had been pounding T2 and Snow

Punch for weeks,” Taylor said.

The hype around campus was evident days prior to the opening as well, as students prepared

their skis and snowboards for the first run of the season. The predicted snowstorm to hit on the

same day only heightened the excitement for those looking forward to the event.

“We may not have gotten the huge snowstorm like we thought, but it didn’t matter,” explained

Andrew McCabe, UMF junior who attended the opening, “to be back on the mountain was the

important part.” With such a large percentage of students who ski and snowboard, many at UMF

had been awaiting the opening of Sunday River for months.

McCabe and his friends even headed up to the mountain the night before it opened, waiting

anxiously to snowboard for the first time this season. “Being able to hang out at the condo again

with all my friends was sick. We made breakfast that morning and just waited for the mountain to

open. We were all hyped to hit the terrain park.”

Trevor Hisler, UMF sophomore who also attended the opening, explained his day with

excitement in his eyes. “I love Sunday River,” he said, “this is my second year going to opening

day and you just can’t beat it. Getting back on the mountain again is an unexplainable feeling.”

With the sun shining high and glistening off the fresh snow, it was no doubt that students enjoyed

their first day on the mountain.

Taylor concluded that opening day had in fact, been a huge success. “The turnout was

great,” he said, “there was honestly more people than I expected. This season is going to be

phenomenal.” Sunday River is expecting to have a better season than last year, bringing Frozen

Rush back and predicting heavy snowfall throughout the winter.

Both McCabe and Hisler are looking forward to the remainder of the season, anxiously waiting

to get back to Sunday River. “I can’t wait to get back on the mountain,” McCabe said, “I just love

the everything about it. The park, the people, everything. It’s a cool place.”