By Brianna LeCours, Staff Writer

Graduation Cap (photo courtesy of Google Images)

Graduation Cap (photo courtesy of Google Images)

The University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) senior class will be making unforgettable memories during their last few months as undergraduate students. The senior executive board (e-board) members, who hope to shape the class of 2015, include president James Maloney Hawkins, vice president Zach Vincent, secretary Emily Marron and treasurer Holly Legere.

The recent senior social was quite a success according to President James Maloney Hawkins, “It was really a trial and error for the e-board.” Planning the event is a lot of work but it is all worth it in the end, when everything comes together and people have a great time. “We had never planned something like this before, so going into it, we had hoped that even 10 people would have come and enjoyed themselves,” said Hawkins. “In the end we had over 100 people attending and the response was a resounding fun time.” The event went smoothly and everyone had a great time. “I could not have been more happy with the way everything played out, and the officers, bartenders, and Elks lodge looked forward to the next event.”

secretary Emily Marron also thought the first social was a success.  “I, and the rest of the e-board, discussed how happy we were with the turn out and especially all the positive feedback we received from those who went,” she said.

The senior socials are a time when those who are of age can mingle and spend time with people who they may not have a chance to talk with on a regular basis. “ The next one [senior social] is Friday December 5th which will be a holiday theme,” said Marron. “Socials are just a time for the 21+ students, and a guest if they choose to bring one, to get together off campus, playing games, seeing people you may not see outside of classes and a time to bond. Both will be held at the Elks Lodge in West Farmington.”

All four of the e-board members feel that it important to be active on campus. They want to be a part of planning events for the senior class and try to make every student’s experience on campus better. Senior Class Vice President Zach Vincent was motivated to become part of the e-board because, “[I] really wanted to make my (and my classmates’) last year here as fun as possible. Also in the past I have seen so much potential for class wide activities and ideas for socials that aren’t used,” he said. “I wanted to make a senior class that didn’t do that. Besides that, I think I’m on stage at graduation, so that’s nice.” The community has been a factor which has shaped and changed Vincent’s experience at UMF. “I have met some of the best people ever here, and everyone is so friendly it blew me away when I first got here,” he said.

The e-board is always looking for input from other students. “If you are interested in the e-board or just getting involved on campus, I encourage you to do so,” said Hawkins. “UMF has so many opportunities, but you have to take advantage of them. Ultimately these experiences are the ones that you will remember and help your resume, so seize them while you can.”