By Kris Kelley, Staff Writer

Clefnotes members during recent practice (photo courtesy of James Maloney Hawkins)

Clefnotes members during recent practice (photo courtesy of James Maloney Hawkins)

Audience members began lining up an hour and a half before the Clefnotes fall performance. Meagan Haley, a junior at the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF), was one of the first people in line. Haley’s friends had been building her excitement for their show. “My friends told me that they always bring a big crowd. After their performance during Family and Friends Weekend, I would believe it,” Haley said while in line. “I just really want a good seat!”

As the performance drew to a close, the Clefnotes, one of UMF’s a capella groups, had performed a high-energy show. Zack Lavoie, a junior and member of Clefnotes, said that, “Our energy was the best it’s ever been, and we all had fun between songs, and I think the crowd did as well.” The performers spent time introducing themselves to the audience and sharing quirky stories, taking selfies with the crowd and making jokes. “It was the most fun I’ve had on stage thus far,“ Lavoie said.

Show-goers believed that Clefnotes did an exceptional job interacting with the crowd during the performance. During the show Jesse Enos, a freshman member, asked the audience for a volunteer and quickly called his mother to the stage to be serenaded by the group. The performance ignited roars of laughter and “awes” from the crowd. As those who attended the Family and Friends Weekend performance may recall, the song was originally dedicated to former adviser of the group, Maya Kasper.

Senior Adria Guptill, who attended the show, enjoyed the group’s special performance of “Stand by Me” for Mrs. Enos. “I think that Jesse’s mom being serenaded was super funny mostly because she wasn’t fazed at all,” Guptill said. “She handled it like a champ.”

The Clefnotes are dedicated to the fans’ experience. Sophomore member Jaycee Jenckes said “every member of the group lives for concerts, despite how many endless hours […] we spend repeating doo’s, da’s and ooh’s, when you get up on stage and sing the songs perfectly and the crowd gets into it, it is all worth it. Every minute.” Jenckes also mentioned a unique way that the group is aiming to reach out to the student body: Snapchat. In an email, Jenckes said, “ADD US ON SNAPCHAT! @ClefnotesUMF !” Snapchat provides the group with an opportunity to “show people sneak peeks of our new songs, spread the news about concerts, and to connect with more students.”

In the coming weeks, students will be able to see the Clefnotes perform around campus. Lavoie said that “We’ll be in the Chester Greenwood Parade December 6th on the ALD (Alpha Lambda Delta) float.” The group will also be hosting a Winter Coffee House, which will be half open mic, half a performance by the Clefnotes, though at the time of the interview, the date was undecided. “We also will have a Winter performance nearing the end of the semester to give people a nice break from finals, so look out for dates for those on our Facebook and our snapchat,” Lavoie said. On December 3rd, the Clefnotes snapchat posted two “My Story” videos of the group singing popular Christmas songs. In an email, Jenckes said, “Rumor has it that Clefnotes may be putting out a CD …. something to keep your ears open for.”