By Haley Lynch, Staff Writer

Spelling Bee Winner Andrew Varney (photo courtesy of Gia Pilgrim)

Spelling Bee Winner Andrew Varney (photo courtesy of Gia Pilgrim)

The University of Maine at Farmington’s (UMF) Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE), put on the first Dirty Word Spelling Bee for students, recently.

Jane Fournier, UMF senior and ACE president, said “We attended a conference and got the idea from another school which had had success with it in the past. We wanted to offer a fun interactive homegrown event for the UMF students.”

The first two rounds were a breeze for most contestants, involving words such as “arousal”, “chastity”, and “ejaculate”. Some contestants seemed embarrassed as they were spelling their words, but most laughed right along with the audience members.

By the third and fourth round, the words started getting more difficult. Words such as “areola”, “cunnilingus” and “cojones” tripped up some of the contestants, and by the end of the fourth round most spellers were out,  allowing the last three contestants to continue.

After a misspelling of the word “hemorrhoid”, the last two finalists were neck in neck in round six. After coming back to the stage, Andrew Varney, UMF Freshman and spelling bee finalist, said “I was pretty sure I would lose, I kept wondering if this round was gonna be the last one.”

After four more rounds of the last two finalists competing, Varney secured his victory when his opponent misspelled the word nymphomaniac. As she stepped off the stage, Varney stepped up to the microphone for the last time and correctly spelled the final and winning word, “dippoldism.” With that, Varney became the first winner of the UMF Dirty Word Spelling Bee. “I was super surprised because I actually thought I had spelled the word wrong,” said Varney. “But I won 50 dollars.”

“The turnout was great considering it was the first time we had tried it out,” said Fournier. “We’re hoping to make the Dirty Word Spelling Bee popular enough to have it once at the beginning of each semester.”