By Courtney Fowler, Staff Writer

The Midnight Math and Lunar Literacy tutors at the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) have been hard at work throughout the entirety of the semester, and are now working harder than ever preparing to help students with final exams.

As finals week quickly approaches and term papers are being turned in, the stress level throughout campus is increasingly evident. However, many students have been seeking help at Mantor Library with the hope that tutors can give insight and help with those intimidating final exams.

“Preparing for finals is usually an interesting time,” said Senior Math Tutor Allison Reynolds. “We always get the miracle seekers, those students who have never been here before, hardly go to class, and expect to learn everything in one night.”

It’s no surprise that tutors experience this challenge, as most people have been faced with procrastination and cramming for finals. With furrowed brows and pursed lips, countless students have entered the library for the first time, hoping to have all of their problems resolved before their big tests.

Sophomore Leanne Kugelman has attended multiple tutoring sessions throughout the semester. “I’ve come to tutoring sessions probably about eight or nine times,” said Kugelman. “I’ve already started making a plan for finals as well, because I’m definitely not waiting until the last night to cram.”

Students like Kugelman, those prepared with notes and questions, are ones that tutors hope to see more of during tutoring sessions. “I love the students that come in with a plan; those are the ones who are ready and determined to work,” said Reynolds. “They come with just a few final questions and are prepared to take a stab at their exams.”

Holland Corson, a first year writing tutor and junior, also shared her plan for attacking finals week. “We’re going to be very busy, but I’m ready,” said Corson. “I love when I can work with students who have been coming in all semester. And more than anything, this will distract me from my own finals that I should be studying for!”

Reflecting on the semester, both Reynolds and Corson have had positive experiences working as tutors. “I’ve been doing this for three years now, and everyone is so supportive,” said Reynolds. “I get to make great relationships through helping other students while also furthering my experience as an education major.” Corson agreed, noting that as a first time tutor, it has been an excellent way to meet others.

As the semester winds down and tutoring comes to an end, Kugelman is prepared to take advantage of the last opportunity for help. “Finals freak me out,” she said. “The tutors have been excellent resources and it’s always nice to work with someone my own age. I’m ready for them to help me finish out the semester strong.”

For all students interested in Moonlight Math or Lunar Literacy, Mantor Library is the place to go. Tutoring sessions are open Sunday through Thursday from 12-3pm and 7-9pm. “We’re all looking forward to helping everyone,” said Corson. “And if you’ve never been to the Learning Commons, now is the time to come!”