By Delainey Kein, Staff Reporter

Sweet Ginger's Chef & Owner Wichai (photo courtesy of Gia Pilgrim)

Sweet Ginger’s Chef & Owner Wichai (photo courtesy of Gia Pilgrim)

Upon entering the new Thai Restaurant in town, Sweet Ginger, my senses immediately perk up. The sweet aroma of fried food fill my senses, and a kindly Thai woman says, “Hi, how are you?” with a cheery smile.

Sweet Ginger has only been open for a couple of weeks, yet the small restaurant already fits right in with Farmington with it’s bright with a homey atmosphere. This is no doubt because the restaurant is solely, “Family run” according to Wichai, the owner and chef at Sweet Ginger. The wooden floors and warm atmosphere make it a place that would be comfortable sitting down to eat and relax for hours.

As Wichai and I chatted, a platter of fresh peapods were sitting next to me, just waiting to be put in a scrumptious dish. Wichai was excited to talk about some of his favorite dishes. He has a certain affection for the spicy ones. “We like the spicy because we are Thai people,” he said with a warm smile.

Although Sweet Ginger’s staff, food, and atmosphere is welcoming, it is not set in the most convenient or easy-to-find location. It is located by the parking lot behind Tranten’s Market in downtown Farmington at 112 Merceau Court Suite #1. Wichai, however, is not worried about their location. “People do see us,” he said. “After they come, they spread the word. The word spreads fast because the town is small.”

Sweet Ginger is up against some tough competition because Thai Smile, another Thai restaurant in town, is very popular. Again, Wichai is confident that their restaurant will be successful. “My food’s better than everyone else’s,” he said simply. A customer then passed by with a take-out bag of leftovers gave a big thumbs up and said, “Great flavor!”

Sweet Ginger may be new to Farmington, but it is fairly well known around the state of Maine. Wichai opened his first restaurant in Winslow, then as the years went on, proceeded to open them in Brunswick, Waterville, and lately, Farmington. He thinks this may be the last one because, “I’m old,” he said with a chuckle.

Sweet Ginger is open Sunday through Thursday from 11am-9pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm. For authentic Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisine. Students can call Sweet Ginger at (207)869-4050 or just stop by.