By: David Scammon, Staff Writer 

Gunner Hecklar makes the catch during ultimate frisbee tournament (Photo by Molly Dalton)

Gunner Hecklar makes the catch during ultimate frisbee tournament (Photo by Molly Dalton)

The UMF Ultimate Frisbee A Team participated in a two day tournament in Orono recently, going undefeated and beating the UMO Alumni Team twice in the process. The tournament consisted of seven games, four on the first day, and three on the second.

Team Captain Holden Cookson didn’t quite expect his team to win it all, but he had faith that they would at least do well. “I knew that we would do well, because we have improved so much over the last two semesters,” said Cookson. “But I expected all of the other teams to improve as well.” The team got off to a great start with a 13-6 win over UMO X, but had no time to celebrate because they had to shift their focus to their next game, in which they had to face the UMO Alumni Team. Being down 5-7 after the first half isn’t how the Beavers would’ve anticipated beginning the game, but they came out of halftime firing, scoring seven straight points and eventually winning the game 13-10.

The A team would have to face the UMO Alumni once more in the semi-finals on day two, and this game would be the determining factor for them to know that beating them once wasn’t just a fluke. It was a close one, but the Beavers would fight their way to a 15-12 victory, marking their sixth straight win of the tournament and sending them into the finals to challenge Bates.

UMF A had enough left in the tank to push their way to a 15-10 win over Bates, maxing out their win streak with seven games. The finals were a lot a fun according to Cookson. “There were really high spirits on both sides, but we knew we had it from the first point,”  he said.

A member of the team, Kristen Tarr, said via Facebook that she was proud of both accomplishments. “They were both huge wins for our team, but overall it felt most rewarding beating the Alumni because they are a strong, talented, and experienced group of individuals, and we have a young team,” said Tarr. “It shows that if you work hard you can achieve anything.”

Although victory was sweet, winning wasn’t everything to Tarr. “My favorite part of the tournament was team bonding,” she said. “Our team is more than a team. It is a family, and it was nice getting to know the newer players on and off the field.”

When the Beavers practice, they do so as one unit, rather than dividing into an A team and a B team like they did at the UMO tournament. “We stay as long as it takes [which can be] two to three hours a day,” said Cookson.

“We have the potential to go to nationals, because we still have so much time to improve,” said Cookson implying that starting the season off with an undefeated tournament win is a clear statement that they are already a strong competitor.

Their next tournament is scheduled for the 3rd and 4th of October at Colby College, and the A team is hoping to have a similar reigning victory.