By Sarah Williams, Staff Writer

A finished piece from Paint Night with Talya  (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Williams)

A finished piece from Paint Night with Talya (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Williams)

On a recent Thursday evening at the Landing, the much anticipated event ‘Paint Night with Talya’ was a wild success. Approximately 60 students gathered in the room that had been transformed into an artist’s studio, ready to slap bright orange and yellow paint onto canvases and create similar yet original paintings under Talya’s dynamic suggestions.

Talya Briana, UMF student, CA, and leader of the event, was a ball of energy as she led students through the process of creating their own personal paintings. Everyone had their own paint palette along with different size brushes and a blank canvas paper to create on.

“Paint Night is a step by step guided painting session,” explained Briana. “Today we will be painting cats sitting on a pumpkin. Everyone has the free rein to create their painting how they would like.”

As a Pre­-Professional Biology Major, Briana turns to painting as a form of relaxation and a passionate hobby. “Painting and other forms of art have been a hobby of mine for my entire life,” she said. “I decided to hold a paint night here in Farmington as a program for Residence Life. This is my second year as a CA and part of our job is to hold [campus events] for students throughout the semester.”

Inspired by a paint night event she attended in Boston, Briana feels that painting is an easy way to relax while being with friends. Recently, paint nights have been popping up all over the country, including events at the new Avant-­Garde Paint bar in Lewiston, and Poplar Hill Primitives in Turner, where one can paint signs on a slab of wood. Many local businesses charge at least $25 dollars per head, but Briana’s paint night was free.

Program supervisor, Elise Musicant talked, in her email statement, about her role at this event.

“Program Supervisors are in charge of events in the Landing and make sure everything goes smoothly. Our role depends on the events happening. “ said Musicant. “We get them everything they need; this often includes rearranging the room, hooking up microphones, and sometimes even playing music.”

The next paint night Briana is hosting is set to take place on December 3rd at 7:00 p.m. in the Landing.

“We will be painting a snowy scene,” said Briana. “I have not completely designed the painting yet, but my idea is to have some snowy branches and possibly a simple cardinal. However, that idea could drastically change between now and the event.”