By Rose Miller, Staff Reporter 

UMF students at last year's Sustainability Carnival in the Landing (Photo Courtesy of Rose Miller)

UMF students at last year’s Sustainability Carnival in the Landing (Photo Courtesy of Rose Miller)

The Sustainable Campus Coalition will be hosting a Sustainability Carnival, Today, November 5th in the Landing at 7:00 PM. While aiming to inform and dispel common misconceptions about sustainability, coalition members hope to engage students with activities, live music, and free food.

Comprised of students, faculty and community members, the SCC works to improve sustainability throughout campus and Farmington itself, explained the coalition’s co-coordinator Luke Kellett. “We hold a series of annual events for public education on sustainability,” said Kellett.

One of SCC’s student leaders Louise Villemont described what students could expect of this year’s carnival. Those who attend can partake in fall themed snacks like cider and trail-mix while enjoying live music performed by fellow students including acapella group Deep Treble.

After some brainstorming SCC members created a few activities they hope that students can enjoy while also learning a few things about sustainability. Among these are a tossing game with recyclable materials and trivia games for which prizes will be awarded.

While Kellett made it plain that part of the goal of the event was to educate and bring people together, the theme of this year’s carnival is dedicated to dispelling common misconceptions about sustainability. “We often pick a theme,” said Kellett explaining that the idea this year was “mythbusters.”

While composting and recycling will be topics of discussion, Kellett and Villemont both indicated that many of the myths they hope to bust concern energy use. Kellett explained this might mean discussing the relative significance of leaving lights on or laptops plugged in for long periods of time and similar everyday behaviors.

SCC members also hope to clarify some of the questions students may have about the new biomass heating system. Villemont explained they hoped to illuminate issues that mostly focused on our campus like the new heating plant. Overall the hope is that the carnival will be informative and deliver clarity on these matters while engaging the students. The goal is to make the event fun and educational at the same time.

According to Kellett and Villemont in the few years that the SCC has held the carnival it’s been proven to turn out the crowd. “It’s one of our larger events,” said Villemont, stating that past carnivals have been quite successful. “People actually enjoy the crafts,” she said.“We’ve had trivia and they participate and it’s just good seeing that.”

Kellett also partially attributed the event’s success to the inclusion of live music. “There are some really talented people on this campus,” said Kellett.

While Villemont confirmed that the Sustainability Carnival is usually mostly attended by UMF students, other events the SCC are associated with such as the Earth Day celebration and local Fiddlehead Festival show higher attendance of community members.

Because community connections are important to the SCC, the prizes offered in the carnival’s trivia games will be given by local businesses. The games therefore serve the purpose of informing the public in addition to promoting community ties. “Create that awareness but also that sense of community,” said Villemont. “We want to try to include the community because that’s part of the mission with UMF.”