By Shawn Russell, Staff Reporter

The UMF Ski and Outing Club, established in 2010, has officially changed their name to the Farmington Outing Club, as many club members felt as though the club name was misdirected and turned potential members away.  Board members believe this change will encompass more students’ interests by putting less of an emphasis on skiing.

Last year a large portion of the people we tried to recruit refused because they didn’t ski, so we decided to take it out of our title,” said Andy Panagore, president of the Farmington Outing Club.  Panagore has been club president for the past three semesters, and has been a member of the club since he was a freshman in 2011.  

Panagore was a big advocate for the name change, as he wanted the club to encompass more students that are interested in the outdoors, regardless if they ski or snowboard.  Already, the name change seems as though it is paying off.  

This semester is the best yet,” said Panagore. “Not only do we have a consistent number (about 30-40 students) showing up every time, they are mostly freshmen and sophomores which means that there is a strong future ahead of them should they so choose to follow in our footsteps.”

Panagore isn’t the only one to support the name switch.  Clyde Mitchell, business professor and advisor for the Farmington Outing Club, thought the idea was a bright one.

“I think a change of name is a great idea, and the name choice is the students’, as it should be,” said Mitchell.  Mitchell, who has been advisor of the club since the Ski Industries Club merged with the Outing Club in 2010, only had good things to say about the club’s current state.

“I could not be more pleased with the initiative, leadership and vision of the new club leaders, as it is more than just the officers, but a whole group of young, dynamic, fun, outdoor enthusiasts that UMF is lucky to have,” said Mitchell.

“I feel like it’s a great opportunity to bring more like-minded individuals together,” said Jack Holland, senior at UMF and member of the Farmington Outing Club.  Holland has been apart of the club since he was a freshman, and has seen the ups and downs the club has been through.

“Previously, we had been losing members consistently, but now FOC has a new appeal and it’s been a great turnout so far,” said Holland.

If anyone has any questions about joining the club or are interested in what the club is doing, emails can be directed toward Andy Panagore at