By Mykala Montecalvo, Staff Writer 

Two UMF students who star in the video 'Straight Outta Lockwood'

Two UMF students who star in the video ‘Straight Outta Lockwood’

Recently, the UMF Lawn Chair Pirates (LCP) created a video that has been the talk of campus, receiving over 800 views and multiple shares on various forms of social media. In the video, the popular improv group brings comedy to a current, well-known issue at UMF: the living conditions in Lockwood Hall.

Aaron Verrill, senior member of LCP, contributed his personal opinions to the video entitled ‘Straight Outta Lockwood.’

Some of my friends had been living in Lockwood and I saw what a disaster the place was,” said Verrill. “I made a joke that they were ‘Straight Outta Lockwood’ and wound up getting really attached to the phrase. People had been complaining all over social media, like on Facebook & Yik-Yak, so we figured it was a hot topic we could poke fun at.”

After ‘Straight Outta Lockwood’ was produced and released, student responses were generated rapidly. Though some were thrilled that the issue had finally been addressed, others gave strong, negative feedback.

“The most memorable response I’ve seen was a student who called us the most malicious, uncompromising and self-centered group on campus.” said Verrill.

Surprising to some, there were also positive comments from faculty and staff members.

“An overwhelming amount of the faculty has commented,” said Verrill. “I had to meet with my advisor and she told me that she had seen the video and really enjoyed it; which caught me off guard. I asked how she had seen it and apparently it was emailed to every professor within the science department, which was just really cool to me.”

Zack Peercy, senior member of the LCP, shared similar feelings with Verrill, noting how faculty and staff have been showing nothing but positive feedback.

“The only thing we haven’t received are complaints from the faculty (mentioned in the video or otherwise) or administration.” said Peercy. Brian Ufford, Director of Student Life and Associate Conduct Officer, was the lone faculty member mentioned in the video, but has declined to comment for this story.

Junior and Lockwood resident Sabrina Campbell shared her own views of ‘Straight Outta Lockwood.’

I absolutely loved the video because they stated problems that are accurate,” said Campbell. “It’s a method of getting out the message and hoping people will listen because the ones that should, aren’t.”

The video expresses concerns of both students and faculty, not only focusing on recurring problems in Lockwood such as cold showers, but also mentions problems of parking and construction across campus.

“They aren’t exaggerating the lyrics at all and I don’t believe it’s disrespectful,” said Campbell. “What is disrespectful is the people not addressing and taking the problems and concerns that the Lockwood community is expressing seriously.”

“Straight Outta Lockwood” has quickly become a controversial video and discussion point for countless students and faculty. Although there were many concerns for LCP while making this video, the group produced the video without any regrets.

“While making the video, we questioned the implications that this would have on our audience and our community,” said Peercy. “Ultimately we resolved that while this is a touchy subject, it is something that should be tackled through a satirical lense.”