By Emma Duggan, Staff Writer 

Lady Beavers gather in a team huddle during the championship game against Husson University (Photo Courtesy of UMF Athletics)

Lady Beavers gather in a team huddle during the championship game against Husson University (Photo Courtesy of UMF Athletics)

The UMF Field Hockey team suffered a heartbreaking 2-0 loss to Husson University recently, falling just short of being the 2015 NAC champions.

Though putting up a strong fight, the championship game was not the first time the Beavers failed to defeat the Eagles. In fact, the recent game served as a rematch of last year, where Husson once again triumphed, winning 1 to 0 in double overtime. “It was obviously a little daunting because we could lose to them again,” said Sarita Crandall, a sophomore on the team.  “But we could totally win as well.”

Undoubtedly, the team was disappointed with the results of the game, especially with how much time was spent in preparation.  “We practiced hard all week,” said Senior Captain  Delainey Kein. “We traveled to Thomas to use their turf a couple of times as well.”

Despite the loss, the team was immensely proud of how well they played on the field, committing all of their efforts to the game. “The score only tells half the story,” said Crandall. “We played our hearts out. The first half was by far the best field hockey our team has ever seen.”

The Beavers were tied for the entirety of the first half.  The first goal was scored in the 38th minute. Sierra Gilley, a UMF sophomore, was there as a fan, cheering on the team from the sidelines. “I would describe the game as heartfelt. Both teams put everything they had in it,” said Gilley.

The team had a lot of emotions leading up to the game as well. “Before we were so pumped. We all did cornrows,” said Crandall. “We were so pumped we had a dance party before the game.”

Kein felt a lot of emotion in her last-ever field hockey game. “It is almost like I left a little piece of my heart on Husson’s turf,” said Kein. “It’s heartbreaking that despite everything, the hours of practice, the sweat, the tears, the love we have for each other, just wasn’t enough.”    Though, through the heartache Kein felt very passionate for her team. “I’m proud of my team and proud of how we played. I wouldn’t change being a Beaver for anything,” she said.

The first goal scored against them was a game-changer. “In prior games we have gone the whole 70 minutes without [Husson] scoring on us,” said Crandall. “So after that first goal the scored on us, I think we got down on ourselves.”

Although the team was disappointed, Gilley believes that their crowd of fans helped their morale. “The crowd did have an impact.” said Gilley. “If there is support from the crowd for the team that usually puts a team in better spirits and drives them.”

Despite the amount of battles won, they lost the war. The lady Beavers ended up with a winning record for the season. Overall, they had ten wins and  five losses.