By Tamarah Marston, Staff Writer 

UMF student enjoys the scenery from Boston cruise (Photo by Janice Folk)

UMF student enjoys the scenery from Boston cruise (Photo by Janice Folk)

Designed to provide UMF students with an opportunity to escape the mundane routine of school, the Weekend Adventures and Excursions (WAE) Program encourages students to take advantage of the many upcoming events offered. These trips are led by the Center for Student Involvement and offer students the chance to explore what Maine has to offer, along with many areas in New England. For a minimal cost, students can partake in what very well could be their favorite experience at UMF.

Junior Secondary Education major Sarah Boisselle is one of the student workers in charge of planning the trips. “There are a whole lot of phone calls to make, and a lot of emails to be sent,” she said. “But it is really nice to be able to make all these calls and build professional relationships.”

In addition to planning, Boisselle is also tasked with leading the students and attending events herself. The duties involved with this include ensuring all students safely travel to and from campus, making sure students are accounted for at all times, and most importantly, creating a positive atmosphere where students can relax and enjoy their time.

Savannah Ridgley, a senior Creative Writing and Pre-Professional Biology major, is a second UMF student worker in charge of planning and leading the trips. “I make the posters for publicity,” she said. “I also make sure that all paperwork is done, and done correctly, and make sure everyone is accounted for on the trips as well.”

The trips offered by WAE occur on a consistent basis throughout each semester. In the past, WAE trips have included spending a day in Boston to attend a Bruins game, participating in Maine Maple Sunday, and traveling to New York City to see a Broadway play. One of the most popular trips is an evening in Boston, where a relaxing dinner and cruise are enjoyed.

Senior Creative Writing major Sam Oppenheim recalled his phenomenal experience in being part of a previous WAE trip. “I went to Boston for the day and was able to see a performance by the Blue Man Group,” he said. “The cost was twenty-five dollars per ticket which was a great deal because it included transportation, a show, and I was able to spend time in the city for a day.”

According to Boiselle, many people do not know that students may suggests new WAE trips if they wish to visit or travel to a different area of New England.  “These trips are made possible by the students who are willing to attend,” said Boiselle. “If there are any trips that anyone would like to see happen next semester, or within the next few years, feel free to contact me.”

Additional information about WAE trips can be found in the CSI office in the Student Center. Students may also contact Boiselle at for any additional questions.