By Shawn Russell, Staff Reporter 

Lindsay and Lauren perform at The Homestead on a recent Thursday evening (Photo by Gia Pilgrim Charles)

Lindsay and Lauren perform at The Homestead on a recent Thursday evening (Photo by Gia Pilgrim Charles)

Lauren Crosby and Lindsay Mower have only known each other for a year, but if one were to hear the two playing music together, they might think they were sisters.  The two musicians have played together at venues around Farmington for a few months now and are gathering audiences that continue to come back.

“I met Lindsay last year; I walked into a friend’s house and there she was. The rest is history,” said Lauren Crosby. Crosby, a senior Education major at UMF, has been playing music for as long as she can remember, as her parents’ love for music created the roots and taste she has for her own tunes. “My family has a killer taste in music, so I grew up with the likes of blues, classic rock, and classic country,” said Crosby.

“We first started jamming when I visited her in her hometown, Georgetown, over the summer,” said Lindsay Mower, a sophomore Community Health major at UMF.  Mower and Crosby continued to play music together when they both returned to Farmington for the fall semester, first playing outside on Broadway Street on nice days, and then transitioning to playing gigs at various local venues. According to Mower they have played at The Roost, The Homestead, and Bigelow Brewing Company in Skowhegan.

Crosby and Mower have grasped the attention of the audiences they play for, offering a style of music that creates a comfortable atmosphere.

“The crowd definitely loves to see a change in talent so I think it would be fair to say that action picks up when they play,” said Brewster Cherkis, a senior at UMF who bartends and cooks at The Roost. Cherkis has seen Crosby and Mower play on multiple occasions, and only has good things to say about their music.  “I enjoy their song selection and they can really jam. Both the vocals and rhythm are very good,” said Cherkis.

The two girls plan on expanding their gigs and venues in the months ahead.  “We will be playing at Tuck’s Ale House and up at The Rack a few times this winter,” said Mower. In the spring, Lauren will be graduating, and the two are unsure of their future together afterward. “Lauren graduates this year, but I know we will definitely stay in touch for the rest of our lives,” said Mower.

Although the two create a synergy when they play together, they also have individual musical careers and goals. Crosby has already produced one album and is working on another. “The second album is in its very beginning phases, the process being extremely long and expensive, but I’m eager to get going on it,” said Crosby.

Mower is starting to produce a debut album as well. “Lindsay is working on her debut album and I may sing some backing vocals on it,” said Crosby, enthusiastically.  

“I’m not really aiming to make a career out of it. I mean, if it just played out that way that would be super rad, but I’m just having fun doing what I love to do and making a little money to get through school,” said Mower.

For those who would like to know when and where the two are playing next, posters will be posted around the UMF campus and around Farmington in the coming weeks, or feel free to ’like’ Crosby’s facebook page where the two post about their upcoming performances.