By Heather King, Staff Writer

Morgan Clarke receives paperwork for the free season pass from manager, Megan Roberts. (Photo Courtesy of Heather King)

Morgan Clarke receives paperwork for the free season pass from manager, Megan Roberts. (Photo Courtesy of Heather King)

Full-time UMF students can now receive a free season pass at Titcomb Mountain with a punch pass that allows for the student to bring four people to ski/snowboard for half price, and discounts at other places.  The mountain has a lot to offer, including a terrain park and cross-country trails.

The bigger mountains, Sugarloaf and Sunday River have collaborated to sponsor this innovative program, which arrange for the free season pass program. These mountains decided that it is time to make this connection with smaller mountains for many beneficial reasons. “Larger ski areas, such as Sugarloaf and Sunday River, realized that small ski mountains are feeders for them,” said Megan Roberts, the manager at Titcomb Mountain. “With the ski certification program, larger mountains want more employees, which often come from smaller mountains. This new collaboration benefits everyone involved.”

Brett Stuard, a student at UMF, believes that this new collaboration is good for Titcomb. “Looking at Titcomb, its seems to get most of its money from the lodge. These free season passes bring in a lot of business,” said Stuard. “It is a good business and good marketing for Titcomb.”

Although rentals are not free, they are $20 for a full day, $15 for a half day, with discounted prices for single rental items. “Every November we have a sale of some of the rental items, where students can buy items at a big discount, or for free,” said Roberts.

Stuard is excited by this new opportunity for UMF students. “I love it! I was in the process of buying an Xbox, and then I read the email,” said Stuard. “I realized it would be a lot better if I bought a snowboard instead of an Xbox.”

Titcomb Mountain is a 750-foot slope and features 16 trails for all skill levels.  Night skiing is available on Wednesday and Saturday nights, and skiing is free for everyone on Fridays.  The mountain is approximately two miles from campus. For Stuard, who does not have a means of transportation here on campus, the mountain is close enough, that he said, “if need be, I could walk.”

“It is an absolutely wonderful collaboration! Students can have fun, get fresh air, and will be able to study better!”  said Roberts.

For more information on the mountain or the free UMF student season pass, students may visit