By Christina Hallowell, Editor

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. Simple enough. So why, lately, is there so much negativity surrounding the day meant for such a beautiful thing? It’s not a surprise to anyone that Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on someone, especially a single someone. But I’m here to say, “Why does it have to?”

If you’ve been scrolling through your Twitter, Facebook or even Yik Yak in the days leading up to this love-filled-holiday, you’ll find that many people on our campus are actually bashing February 14th and all it stands for — which I find ironic. Valentine’s Day is a day literally dedicated to love and all the happy feelings that come along with it. Recently it has become “cool” or “funny” to separate yourself from those happy feelings of love. I get it. Singles feel left out because they don’t have that one special someone to share the day with. Not to be harsh, but they also don’t have a special someone the other 364 days of the year. It’s not necessary to put so much pressure on this one day in February.

Yes, Valentines Day has become a cliché materialistic holiday for consumerists. A day to buy overpriced chocolate and teddy bears. But I for one, will endorse this day because I love love and I love what Valentine’s Day stands for. People in happy relationships should celebrate their love every day of the year. However, if they’re given a special day to surprise each other with gifts, dress up and go out, they should most certainly take advantage of that. Love is always something to celebrate and be thankful for.

This is my first single Valentine’s Day in a few years, but I’m not going to sit around all day, feel sorry for myself and hate on people who aren’t alone. My plans are to surprise my roommate with a Clefnote’s singing gram. I’m also going to go out for dinner at The Homestead with my single friends. I’m going to bake pink cupcakes and make my loved ones cute cards with tons of sparkles. I’m going to watch a sappy rom-com at Narrow Gauge and enjoy the fact that love exists and someday I will find it, again.

It doesn’t do any good to add sadness and bitterness to the day made for love and happiness. Cheers to a happy VDay. May cupid shoot you in the butt so you can happily enjoy it.