By Alexandra Lucas, Staff Writer

Once a semester The Table Gaming Club (TGC), in collaboration with the Computer Club and the Otaku Club, come together to put on Gamefest: An all night event full of a wide variety of games, from board games to video games with food and drinks in hopes that more students will get involved and have fun.

In preparation for Gamefest the TGC reserves the Student Center for a Friday in which all three clubs are available. The club then finds someone to help cater and provide food. Local businesses in town have been more than willing to help out. The clubs move tables and gaming systems from their club rooms into the Student Center to attract attention and spread out the games.

The TGC takes over the North Dining Hall with board games and sets up even more tables in the South Dining Hall for anyone who wants to play. “Friday night when we set up we get there about like a half hour to an hour early,” said Brittany Wheeler, junior and president of the TGC. “[We] wait for the dining hall to close and then we just kind of rearrange the tables and we truck everything. We basically clean out TGC, bring everything we have and put all the tables out there and we kind of go from there.”

On the other side of the building, outside the South Dining Hall, is where the Computer Club dominates.

While being interviewed outside the Dining Hall, Nathan Carey, president of the Computer Club said, “we set up all our computers out here” he motioned to the dark blue sofa chairs encasing the large black television and the smaller chairs around the other table and pointed at the outlets lining the wall bordering the sofas and chairs. “It’s a nerd heaven.”

In the past Gamefest has drawn in many people. “So many people come in. We get a lot of past students who come in who also come from town,” said Wheeler enthusiastically. “And we easily see about like 150 to 200 people who come in just to hang out.”

The Otaku Club “mans the Landing” said Vice President Tori Luce. Here they set up a gaming area in which older systems such as the Super Nintendo and the N64 are available, as well as more recent games such as the Wii and the WiiU.

Everyone is welcome to try out new games and socialize. “It’s a great community to get into and it’s a lot of fun,” said Carey, “and if you don’t know video games there’s plenty of people who are willing to teach you or help you out along the way.”

Gamefest will be taking place at the Olsen Student Center on Friday April 24 from 7p.m. to 7a.m. For more information or any questions students can visit Gamefest on Facebook.