By Sabrina Campbell, Staff Writer

UMF Spring Fling Talent Show Winners Chris Coleman, Jaycee Jenckes, and Zack Lavoie. (photy by Kris Kelley)

UMF Spring Fling Talent Show Winners Chris Coleman, Jaycee Jenckes, and Zack Lavoie. (photy by Kris Kelley)

Recently, the UMF Spring Fling committee held its annual Talent Show in Lincoln Auditorium. The talent show was put together by the CRC (Campus Residence Council) and have been preparing since the start of spring semester. “CRC representatives go to weekly Spring Fling meetings,” said Chelsea Collins, Spring Fling Committee Chair. “It takes a great deal of planning to pull off such a large event.”

The Talent Show is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents to an open and accepting audience. “I really enjoy the talent show,” said Collins. “I love watching UMF students showcase their talents and I also admire how brave they are for performing for a large amount of people.”

The auditorium is usually just a dull ordinary area for classes, but that night was filled with decorative balloons, a positive atmosphere, and an overflowing crowd of students. What seemed to be a large, open place soon became a cramped area with people standing, sitting on the stairs, some even carried extra chairs. The room was loud with conversations, laughter and enjoyment. The anticipation was felt all around the room.

Mykala Montecalvo was in attendance for the show. “The room was crowded and filled with excitement,” she said.

When the announcers came on stage, it was as if someone hit the ‘mute’ button.The judges were introduced and after the rowdy applause ended, they called out the first performer. The students walked down the red carpet to stage; some with ease and others noticeably a little nervous.

During the two hour event, many different acts were present; playing instruments, singing, dancing, rapping, rhyming, and juggling. Each performer perfectly executed their act during the night and the crowd heavily applauded after each performance. “The crowd, including myself, were really engaged in the acts that took place,” said Montecalvo.

It was close to the two hour mark and audience members started departing; people were getting antsy and the tension was in the air. The nights event slowly came to the last performance and the tension was dwindled. The top three performances were announced and went up to the stage to receive appreciation. Zach Lavoie, Jaycee Jenckes and Chris Coleman took the trophies for their collaboration of the “Four Chord Song” popular on YouTube. Coleman played the guitar while Lavoie and Jenckes provided the winning vocals. The crowd gave one last applause for the nights acts, and went wild with hoots, hollers, and claps.