By Sara Quimby, Staff Writer

Senior Holly Legere leaps across the stage (photo by Christina Hallowell)

Senior Holly Legere leaps across the stage (photo by Christina Hallowell)

Bust-A-Move Beavers (BAM) said farewell to eight graduating seniors after ending the year with four successful showings of their spring dance performance.

Ashley Godbout, a senior member of the club, is happy with how the performances went. “The show went amazing,” said Godbout. “There were a lot of new choreographers this semester that really added to the club and the show overall.”

Taylor Marshall, vice president of the club and junior member, agreed. “I feel like the last show went really well,” said Marshall. “The club has definitely grown enormously, and the talent that has been brought in has been amazing over the past two years.”

The club includes 41 members, eight of which are seniors. The nature of the club differs from other dance experiences many members have had. “It is totally about the love of dance. We’re not bogged down by pressure or competition,” said Brigitta Valente, a senior member and last year’s vice president. “We do it because we want to do it.”

This year’s show consisted of 23 performances and four shows overall. Three night-showings were held, as well as a weekend afternoon performance intended for parents and family. Walking into the Emery Community Arts Center, 30 minutes prior to a showing, one could see a line of eager fans that weaved along the ramps and ended just short of the entrance. “The three night shows all sold out,” said Godbout, “and the parents’ show was almost filled.”

Valente noted that this was the first time the club has held four public performances. “It’s the most we’ve ever had, which was a really cool way to end my senior year,” said Valente.

BAM is a club that has allowed many students to continue to dance while at college, and senior Holly Legere is one of them. “It was just a great experience to be able to continue something I’ve been doing my whole life, in college,” said Legere.

The club has added to the overall experience members have had at school. “I think joining BAM is probably the smartest decision I made during college,” said Valente, “to do it and stick with it.”

Godbout has similar feelings toward the club. “I’m glad I stayed with it because I was able to keep dancing, which I love,” said Godbout, “and I also met a really great group of people.”

BAM creates an environment that has fostered friendships and has also given members an outlet from other aspects of their lives. “When I had a bad Monday,” said Legere, “I knew I had two hours of tap to go stomp out my feelings.”

The club is tightly knit and the loss of the seniors will not go unnoticed. “We call each other our BAMily,” said Valente, “we grow so close to one another.”

When talking about the graduating group, Marshall jokingly threw her hand to her chest with emotion. “The seniors were my first group of friends in BAM and the first ones to welcome me in,” said Marshall. “I’m so glad they were a part of BAM when I was, but I am so sad they’re leaving.”

While BAM’s future appears bright, the club will miss the seniors. “I think that the group of people we have is amazing,” said Marshall, “but the senior class has some of the original people, and I don’t think it will ever be the same without them.”