By Christina Hallowell, Editor

Journalism Club members celebrate the end of the year. (Photo by Kris Kelley)

Journalism Club members celebrate the end of the year. (Photo by Kris Kelley)

Sometimes in life, good things come to you through dedication and hard work. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’re in the right place at the right time and good things just fall in your lap. For me, the Farmington Flyer and the UMF Journalism Club has been a mix of both of those things.

In the fall of 2013, I was looking around for a job. I applied to many places off campus, and was half-heartedly searching online for work initiative positions as well. My good friend, roommate and former editor of the Flyer, Innes Herdan, offered me the position of the Flyer’s webmaster. I accepted, but had no idea what I was getting myself into.

As part of my new job, I was required to attend all of the Journalism Club (or JClub) meetings. After becoming familiar with how things work, I was eager to take the journalism class, as well. This is where I really fell in love. I immediately knew that this was my niche at UMF. I loved investigating scandalous stories, interviewing popular professors, and advertising for fun campus events. I loved discussing the journalistic writing style, and I loved the workshop days when we were able to read and critique each other’s work. After the class ended, I was granted the honor of a promotion in being the new Editor-in-Chief of the Farmington Flyer. I was so excited and ready for the challenge.

The semester as Editor has flown by. I feel as if it was just yesterday that I was awkwardly trying to put together the first issue of Spring 2015. I have learned so much about journalism, writing, organization, and responsibility. I have had the privilege of always knowing about events on campus, thanks to our staff writers and reporters who beautifully tell the stories of our campus week by week. I was able to represent our school and attend a writing conference in Minneapolis with Assistant Editor, Gia Pilgrim and Club Secretary, Natalia Asis. The trip was so much fun for so many reasons, but the best part was getting to discuss different topics in writing and deciding what information would benefit the Flyer and UMF as a whole.

I just finished my last issue as Editor. I’m not worried about the future of the Flyer at all, because now it is the beautiful Gia Pilgrim’s turn to be Editor-in-Chief with the lovely Courtney Fowler following behind her as Assistant Editor. My time has come to an end, but the Farmington Flyer is in good hands. I really look forward to the stories they cultivate next fall. In closing, I’m so thankful for the opportunity that “happened” to me, while also proud of the hard work I put into this newspaper. It’s been a true pleasure UMF.