By Emily Bennett, Staff Writer

Senior Class Executive Board (photo by Emily Rumble)

Senior Class Executive Board (photo by Emily Rumble)

The senior class executive board has planned the final events for the Class of 2015 including the final senior social and the senior class banquet; all while playing a huge role in facilitating commencement.

With graduation right around the corner, many seniors are scrambling to finish their final undergraduate work, start job applications, and prepare for graduation festivities. The end of the spring semester is busy for those graduating and many are finding it hard to keep track of all the responsibilities. Luckily, the senior class executive board has the details for those graduating.

Secretary Emily Marron, talked about what the executive board is accountable for. “We organize the planning of graduation and we plan all of the events throughout the year leading up to it [including] the senior socials and outings,” said Marron.“We start with the senior sendoff Wednesday, May 13th, which basically, students are allowed to invite a faculty member to a dinner.” The event is organized by UMF alumni and the senior class to thank professors for the last four years.

The following afternoon the seniors have marching practice followed by the last senior social. President James Maloney- Hawkins, talked about what they have planned.

“We’re getting pizza from every pizza place around town and doing a pizza taste,” said Hawkins. He thought that it would be a better way to get local businesses involved and hopefully have some pizza donated to cut down on expenses.

“We’re going to have a DJ, and of course a bar with drinks, for our last senior gathering,” said Marron. Since it is an on-campus event, there will be public safety officers at the event to help.

Marron also thinks the last senior social will be different from the previous ones. “I think the end is becoming real so people are more apt to want to celebrate the end of the year with their classmates,” Marron said. “And plus it’s outside, which is different than others, [including] underage seniors. The other senior socials you had to be 21.”

Commencement rehearsal will be on May 14th at 6:00 p.m. in the Farmington Recreation Center. The night before graduation, there will be a senior class banquet. “It’s going to be in the dining hall for students and their parents to wrap up their last night as a Farmington student,” said Hawkins.

The Senior Executive board helped facilitate the senior class speaker and was part of a committee filled with a variety of people. Chelsea Lear-Ward was one of the students who tried out to speak and was chosen. “She really took everything from the school and the town and put it in her speech,” Marron said. “Her speech is really relatable to the school and our class.”

Commencement will be May 16th at 10:30 at the computer center parking lot, or in the FRC, depending on weather. “If they don’t have enough tickets for people if the graduation is inside, then there is viewing rooms around campus that people can go to,” said Hawkins. “We don’t know where exactly but they will be announced.”

Currently the executive board is trying to raise as much money as possible. “Our class has a ‘go fund me’ to help fundraise for the end of the year events,” said Hawkins.  “Everyone should share it with their family.”

He urges people to stay posted with emails and up to date on all of the events as much as possible. “Its the last undergrad experience so take advantage of all that we will be doing,” Hawkins said. “It’s a busy time of year. Appreciate the time that you have.”