By Lindsey Mower, Layout Editor

Jeff Lamar playing his acoustic bass guitar (photo by Lindsey Mower)

Jeff Lamar playing his acoustic bass guitar (photo by Lindsey Mower)

With the spring semester coming to an end and the days (slowly) getting warmer, UMF student musicians and music lovers alike are dusting off their Birkenstocks, rolling down their windows and breaking out their summer tunes. If, like your Birkenstocks, your listening habits became a little dusty over the winter, you’re in luck. I’ve searched all over campus looking for music enthusiasts to give their own expertise on what you should be listening to, and to talk about why they especially love music in the summertime.

Andrew Davis, Ethan Nickerson, and Tyler Castillo, current students at UMF, love listening to music in the summer because of its worry free vibe.“When you’re out on a cruise, when you’re driving around in the summer and you’re not listening to music, then you’re doing it wrong,” said Nickerson. “It gives you that additional vibe that you need to, like, just chill,” agrees Castillo.

These students say they mostly listen to trap and rap music, but will listen to anything that’s good.  “I will argue for the merits of jazz until the day I die,” said Nickerson playfully challenging his friends.

“[I like] any kind of music,” said Davis, saying that he listens to a little Coltrane also, “As long as you got music going it just adds to the vibe and gives it more of a flow. Kinda just sets the mood.”

The three students say that their summer cruises will be spent listening to some old school Dr. Dre, 2 Chainz, DJ Smokey and anything Eazy-E.

They have nominated “Godlovesugly” by Atmosphere as their go-to summer song, and Verde Terrace by Currency as their go-to summer album. “Verde Terrace has a nice easy vibe, it has a lot of jazz influence in it,” said Davis.

For Jeff Lamar, a freshman at UMF, the best part of listening to music in the summer is just being outside. “You can just chill and let go,” said Lamar. “The grass is always greener.”

His love for good music shows by his impressive collection of strings instruments, and also by the fact that he plays five different kinds; bass, guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukulele.

If he had to narrow it down to a favorite genre, a difficult task because of his passion for all music, Lamar most enjoys listening to funk, metal and classic rock. He plans on attending the Harry’s Hill Green Love Festival this summer in Starks, Maine where he will relaxing and watching one of his buddies perform. Other than that, he plans on spending his summer back home in Oxford, Maine jamming with friends.

So what’s on Lamar’s summer playlist that he recommends listening to as well? Stevie Wonder. “Gotta get that old school funk in there,” he said grinning. He suggests Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, a modern funk band from Chicago, The 220s, a local band from Maine, and Holy Ghost Tent Revival, an American rock and roll band with folk leanings. Also, if you’re into psychedelic rock (which you should be), Lamar says to watch out for Tame Impala’s new album that may be released this summer.