By Sarah Williams, Staff Reporter 

Scott Carpenter, UMF student and employee at the Homestead Kitchen, Bar, & Bakery. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Williams)

Scott Carpenter, UMF student and employee at the Homestead Kitchen, Bar, & Bakery. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Williams)

Scott Carpenter is a full-time senior studying philosophy here at UMF, who also works full-time at the Homestead Kitchen, Bar and Bakery. Tackling a full work-week and course-load is a busy undertaking for Carpenter. He showed up early for our one-on-one interview wearing a casual button down shirt and khakis as I asked him a few questions in order to better understand how he balances his schedules with work, school and life.

Originally a physics major, Carpenter joined UMF as a transfer student after leaving Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. Unsure of being a physicist, Carpenter took three years off of school to work and figure it out. Carpenter has always had a strong determination to succeed. Before graduating as Valedictorian of his class at Calais High School, Carpenter was a wrestler who achieved the status of State Champion three times. He even competed nationally. Carpenter stayed involved in the sport, and today he still goes up to University of Maine Orono to offer assistance to their wrestling team and give a helping hand with their practices.

At the Homestead, Carpenter has held several roles in his year of employment there. He started out as a dishwasher, then worked as a host, now he is a server and bartender. He explained that on the weekends the bakery has an amazing brunch that goes until 2pm with drink choices ranging from coffee or tea, to mimosas and bloody marys. A lot of their food is locally grown, and Carpenter has gone to the farms to help harvest the vegetables for the restaurant. Goat cheese and beef are also fresh from a local farm near campus. Carpenter recommended their quality food for affordable prices, including the fish tacos and various Middle Eastern and Italian dishes. He can often be found at the bakery, mixing colorful drinks at the bar, or serving up some of their fabulous food.

Carpenter is also a talented musician. When he is not studying or working, he can frequently be found strumming his guitar or bass guitar. He mentioned he is currently recording an album. Carpenter describes his music genre as folk-punk-alternative. He is working on twelve songs for this album on which he both sings and plays guitar.

Besides music, another hobby that Carpenter is interested in is hiking and rock climbing, which he wishes he had more time to do. He also has his own vegetable garden where he is growing kale and tomatoes.

It sounds like Carpenter is making the most of his time here at UMF. If you see him around campus and he has a minute, definitely get to know him!