By Sarah Williams, Staff Reporter 

A painting by artist Michel Droge. (Photo by Sarah Williams)

A painting by artist Michel Droge. (Photo by Sarah Williams)

The UMF Art Gallery is showcasing an array of brightly colored prints with it’sbreathtaking pictures of landscapes by artist Michel Droge. The gallery will be displaying this captivating collection, “Nocturnes,” through October 9th, 2016 at the Gallery on campus at 246 Main Street.

Michel Droge says in her artist’s statement, “My paintings, drawings, and prints reflect my travels along the coast and my ongoing research of the impact of climate change on small communities.” She goes on to explain, “In this presentation of a universal terrain I invite the viewer’s exploration and contemplation of our human impact on the environment and our emotional connection to the environment in these crucial times.”

An employee at the art gallery is Tekia Cox, a UMF student majoring in anthropology. She explained that it took Droge just two months to create the large scale landscape paintings on the second level.

Droge started out as a printmaker. “She wipes on the oil and scrapes it off to create these images,” Cox explained, “the gloss effect is an after effect on the landscapes, as you can almost see yourself in the paintings.” Cox also noted that Droge was a shy artist.

UMF senior and rehabilitation major, Megan Broderick, also works at the gallery and is somewhat familiar with the artist’s work. Upstairs the vibrant pictures in blue and green and earth tones stood out against the stark white walls of the gallery. “The landscapes show the details as you step away from them. As you get closer, they become more abstract,” Broderick demonstrated. She similarly described the artist as shy and reclusive.

 In the press release for the opening show Nocturnes is described as a series of oil paintings. “Michel Droge approaches the qualities of night that evoke feelings of the sublime— the powerful and disorienting diminution of the self absorbed by the vastness and impenetrability of the deep sky and ocean.”

The UMF Art Gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 4pm, and also by appointment.