By Nicole Stewart, Contributing Writer

Renovation plan for the UMF Snack Bar. (Photo by Lindsay Mower)

Renovation plan for the UMF Snack Bar. (Photo by Lindsay Mower)

This fall the UMF Snack Bar will be receiving an upgrade with healthier food options and a new hangout area for students. Renovations will begin on November 9th and the Snack Bar will be temporarily relocated to CR123 for non-grill items, while grill items can be ordered in the South Dining Hall after 7p.m until the project’s completion in the 2017 spring semester. With the Snack Bar’s refreshing new look comes challenges to the UMF students due to it’s temporary move, but Celeste Branham is hopeful that students can hold over.

Branham, the Vice President for Student and Community Services, sent out an email about the Snack Bar renovations, which were suppose to happen before the fall semester began. According to Branham, the new Snack Bar changes were planned about two years ago when the bookstore was moved to the Look House.

“Our plan is to have the new lounge space. We’re expanding to have comfy seats and a new TV for students to watch whatever they would like,” said Branham. The new areas will have places for students to hang out and study, along with more food choices. “It’s going to be an interesting, comfortable space,” said Branham adding, “it’ll be a big difference for the students who use the Snack Bar regularly.”

With a new lounge space in the Snack Bar, there will also be a wide selection of food items that will be available for both students and faculty. Adam Vigue, the General Manager of UMF Sodexo said some of the new menu items include; “grill items, a juice and smoothie bar, quesadilla items similar to the snack bar now, natural juice, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, salads, wraps, and sandwiches.” He added, “There will also be a separate area for convenience items such as coolers and sodas.” According to Vigue, the new space will resemble more of a food court atmosphere.

Heather King, a senior who visits the Snack Bar frequently, thinks that the renovations will beuseful to student life. “It’s time for a change,” King said, “I wish the renovations happened earlierso I could enjoy it more.”

As the Snack Bar prepares for change a contest is being held for students where they can suggest a name for the new Snack Bar. Students have until October 15th to enter and slips can be filled out in the dining hall or in the Snack Bar. The winner will receive $100 flex points in their student account that can be redeemed in the Snack Bar.