By Allie Currie, Contributing Writer 

The '15-16 Dance Team at the Boston Celtics game. (Photo by Matthew Woodbury)

The ’15-16 Dance Team at the Boston Celtics game. (Photo by Matthew Woodbury)

The UMF Dance Team has scheduled their second trip to Boston for a pre-game performance at the Celtics game on December 9th. Dance Team requested the opportunity to perform during the Celtics’ pre-game last winter, and recently received the news that they had been chosen to go back to Boston to show off their talents once more.

Natalie Corrigan, a sophomore and the treasurer of Dance Team explained the process of connecting with the Boston Celtics pre-game coordinator. “Last year I got in contact with Erin Lewis, the person who coordinated the pre-game shows. They had one date left and we took it. This year we were asked to come back, so we got to choose our date,” said Corrigan. According to Corrigan, the whole executive board of Dance Team works together to schedule “away” performances such as the Boston trip.

Cheyenne VanDooren, junior and member of Dance Team, gushed about the thrill of the team’s first Celtics pre-game performance. “Going down I was extremely nervous, however the whole team was super positive and encouraging each other. The whole team was keeping the   spirit alive, and after the performance it was like a rush!” exclaimed VanDooren.  

Senior and president of the Dance Team Willa Barron added, “We are so fortunate to have the opportunity again this year.”

Dance Team plans on using the university vans as transportation for the trip, but according to VanDooren, it is difficult to claim enough vans, because of previously scheduled sports games this winter.

The song for the Celtics pre-game performance has not yet been chosen by the choreographers, Corynne Zinni and Vanessa Schaeffer, due to the fact that they are currently learning routines for the UMF men’s and women’s home basketball games. Corrigan claims that the song for one of their home game routines they have been working on is “BO$$” by Fifth Harmony. “We need to learn our basketball game dances first, then we will start learning the Celtics game dance,” said Barron, “It usually takes us about a month to learn and perfect each dance.”

Barron, who has also been co-captain/co-choreographer, secretary, and vice president of Dance Team opened up about her feelings on saying goodbye to the team before she graduates in the Spring. “Yikes!” was the first word that came to Barron’s mind. “I’m honestly dreading the day I have to say goodbye to my teammates who have become some of my best friends over the years,” Barron admitted, “but I know that when I do leave, that I will be leaving the team in excellent hands.”

Opening up about her hopes for Dance Team this year, Barron stated, “My biggest hope was that we were going to get a lot of new, passionate members, and that happened!” Barron continued, “So, all I can really hope for now is that everyone keeps their positive attitudes and continues to work hard.”

Corrigan, also sharing her wishes for Dance Team this year said, “My biggest hope for the team is that we all perform well at every game. This year is the largest team anyone on the Dance Team has seen it be, with 24 dancers,” Corrigan explained. “My favorite part of Dance Team is the family dynamic we have. You know that you always have a great group of people always willing to listen or help you out,” said Corrigan.

VanDooren also shares nothing but positive aspirations for Dance Team this year. “I’m hoping that all the new girls will continue on and learn to be part of the family, and not worry what others think of you when you’re performing. It’s really just about supporting UMF and having fun—especially for the freshman. You want them to feel like they’re at home—like they belong.”